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The production practice of No.1 blast furnace of Bagang in the later period of its campaign

yield strength of testing machine 1 preface the No.1 255m2 blast furnace of Bagang was revamped and overhauled from April to May 1992, and its capacity was expanded to 350m2 blast furnace. It adopts a large frame structure, thin bellied furnace body, water-cooled furnace bottom, double bell furnace top, 14 tuyeres, two slag ports and one iron port, no matter in terms of output value or output. The mechanical equipment part adopts the hydraulic transmission with high equipment level at that time. Since the furnace was opened at 5:05 on June 11, 1992, by the end of June 2001, the Communist railway 37T, the average iron production per unit furnace capacity is 6606.23t. Two intermediate repairs were carried out in 1995 and 1998, and only the middle and upper parts of the furnace were bricked again. In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of blast furnace smelting, the damage of cooling staves has intensified, and the furnace shell has been seriously deformed and cracked in many places. Under such extremely unfavorable conditions, the blast furnace branch has taken many practical measures in management, blast furnace operation and furnace body maintenance, effectively preventing the occurrence of major accidents and ensuring the continuous and stable production of blast furnace. This paper briefly summarizes the operation and maintenance experience of No. 1 blast furnace in recent years. 2 overview of blast furnace body 2.1 damage of cooling stave Table 1 and table 2 show the damage of cooling stave in the later stage of blast furnace. It is mainly concentrated in the first section and the second section of the shaft, that is, in the upper part of the waist and the lower part of the shaft, and at the junction of the dry and wet areas of the blast furnace. Table 1 Damage and maintenance table of the first section of the cooling stave of the furnace body █████████ the device shall be equipped with an effective measurement system and an instigation record series ██

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