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Nokia Bell: smart light pole, dotted with the brightest star in the night sky of smart city

the night of the city is always accompanied by lights. How will smart light pole add wisdom to the city? Let's have a look

if the city is compared to the vast sky, the street lights in the city can undoubtedly be regarded as stars in the sky. They not only guide passers-by, but also illuminate the tired hearts on the way home

in the future, relying on the charm of science and technology, the star of street lamp will become the perfect carrier of smart city. Developing smart cities has become a national strategy since it was clearly put forward in the 2015 government work report. At present, 95% of cities above the sub provincial level and 76% of cities above the prefecture level have proposed to build smart cities, with a total of more than 500 cities

smart cities need a carrier for information collection, information release and information transmission. And the lighting poles in urban streets and residential areas can be used as the perfect carrier for a variety of applications in smart cities

based on the impact IOT management platform, Nokia Bell's smart light pole solution integrates rich functions such as regional wireless coverage, information release, information query, security, environmental monitoring, emergency needs, etc. on the basis of traditional intelligent lighting, to build a digital living environment, easily achieve low-carbon environmental protection, and improve the efficiency of urban comprehensive management

1. What can our smart light poles do

first of all, make the lamp pole intelligent and environmental friendly. Carry out intelligent transformation of lamp poles, remote automatic management and control of each street lamp, and automatic and flexible lighting control according to the actual needs of time, sunshine, traffic conditions, etc., saving a lot of labor costs and improving management efficiency while saving energy and environmental protection

secondly, with the help of ubiquitous lamp posts, applications can be used at will. Make full use of the large distribution and active characteristics of light poles, and flexibly load a variety of applications on demand: deploy various environmental sensors to achieve environmental monitoring; Deploy video monitoring to realize safety monitoring and traffic monitoring; Deploy advertising screens to realize the release of advertising information and government information; Deploy interactive touch screen to realize information query and graphic interaction; Deploy self-service charging piles to solve the problem of difficult charging of electric vehicles, etc

also, it is used to solve the long-standing problem of choosing the site of operators. Nokia bell smart light pole also provides a convenient solution for the installation and site selection of base stations around the world. Small stations, microstations, etc. can be directly installed on smart light poles, which not only solves the coverage of roads and communities, but also makes street lights smart through the interaction of base stations and integrates into the interconnection of all things

2. How does our smart lamp pole achieve perfect bearing? Is it safe

the secret lies in the scheme architecture with impact IOT intelligent management platform as the core. It provides operators, enterprises and governments with an IOT solution platform for any terminal, any protocol and any application, which can handle data collection, event processing, device management, data analysis, and support security and diversified applications. Nokia impact platform has been widely used in the world, and the hydraulic technology in the field of equipment management is at a standstill, with the largest market share in the world. Our end-to-end IOT solution has won the best mobile communication IOT Innovation Award at GSMA Barcelona Telecom exhibition 2017, which is known as the Oscar of the communication industry

an end-to-end complete security solution is the cornerstone. We deeply understand that security and privacy are the cornerstone of IOT in serving mankind. Therefore, at the beginning of design, the impact platform integrates an end-to-end complete security solution to ensure the overall security of IOT from the terminal, to the cloud and to the network from the authenticity of terminal access, the rationality of data transmission, the legitimacy of system access and other aspects. Let's fully guarantee our security and privacy while enjoying the great convenience brought by IOT to our life, production and management

There are many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export.

3. In the era of IOT, it will be better together.

Nokia smart light pole scheme can bring many new applications and new operation modes to smart cities, involving government departments, park management committees, municipalities, and operators. However, in terms of material testing methods, ISO and their respective national standards should be adopted as far as possible. Equipment manufacturers can use pressure discs, turbine discs, blades In many links of the industrial chain, such as bearing ring, gearbox, fastener and plate welding bearing parts, and business service providers, we can give full play to our respective advantages to achieve sharing and win-win. Together, we will further expand new space for industrial applications and usher in a new blue ocean. We expect that this set of innovative solutions and the new integration and win-win business model can bring more brand-new value

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