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ASHRAE released the latest 07 "safety standard for refrigeration system"

in the latest 2007 "safety standard for refrigeration system" published by ASHRAE, the requirements for safe decompression protection of refrigeration system are added

ansi/ashrae's main functions are roughly the same standard - refrigeration system safety standard, which is mainly aimed at the operation of refrigeration equipment and refrigeration system to ensure the safety of building residents and system technicians

the most significant difference from the 2004 standard is that the newly issued standard in 2007 increases the internal inspection proportion of the refrigeration system, which will lead to the difference in experimental results, which will greatly reduce the requirements of safety decompression protection

ashrae President douglasreindl introduced that in order to make the refrigeration in the refrigeration system not only suitable for the tension, pressure and bending of metal materials without leakage, like the hydraulic universal experimental machine 1, more and more designers tend to implement internal pressure reduction protection measures, that is, the refrigerant exceeding the standard pressure is transferred to another part of the system with lower pressure. The main purpose of this change is to strengthen the safety of users and operators of refrigeration equipment by increasing the requirements for pressure reducing equipment inside the refrigeration system

another change is the update of Appendix F, which outlines the principles for the selection of pressure relief equipment in positive displacement compressors. At the same time, the list of refrigerants with corresponding performance has also been expanded. This can help users effectively increase the safety performance of refrigeration equipment

ASHRAE standard 15 was first published in 1919 as an experimental code for refrigeration equipment and refrigerants

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