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Nokia took the lead in running 5g

Nokia demonstrated the quasi 5g airscale commercial wireless access technology at the 2016 world mobile communication conference, making operators confident that their current network equipment investment can meet future network needs. Nokia is the first communication manufacturer in the industry to demonstrate 5g wireless access technology on commercial network devices. This will enable operators to enable 5g at a lower cost and earlier: in 2017, the existing LTE infrastructure can be gradually migrated to 5g, 5g initial services can be launched, and 5g will be fully realized by 2020. Every task proposed by 5g can be implemented commercially

Nokia showed how operators can use various frequency bands to test 5g cases, including below 6GHz. Centimeter wave and millimeter wave can provide ultra-high network capacity, so as to help operators expand network coverage and enter the market as soon as possible

major standards institutions are now designing for such early 5g tests to ensure that 5g standards can be implemented in 2020 and that users will always enjoy excellent 5g performance from the first day they use 5g

what Nokia showed at the 2016 world mobile communication conference:

pre standard 5g wireless technology running on Nokia airscale base station, and airscale cloud base station server in metal, mining and mining industries using Nokia airscale IT hardware * -- these systems use 8x8 MIMO and optimized framework structure, so that the delay is less than 1 millisecond. Ultra low delay and multi Gbps transmission rate allow users to realize real-time interaction in different physical spaces through virtual reality demonstration

high sensitivity receiver - supports the combination of 64QAM and 2x2 MIMO, which can achieve multi Gbps transmission rate. As mentioned above, the system also supports advanced concepts such as beam control, which can accurately locate the user's location and needs. Although millimeter wave is expected to achieve 3GPP standardization in 2019, Nokia's pre standard system will be able to provide operators with important practical experience on how to build a final commercial solution

multi connection concept -- support the connection of LTE and 5g during the installation and commissioning of various devices, so as to ensure the smooth transition from LTE to 5g

Nokia Services - ensure seamless integration of multiple services through accurate station 3D planning and predictive services

Hossein moiin, chief technology officer of Nokia mobile network, said: This is the first demonstration of how to use 5g in the existing commercial network in the industry, which surpasses the previous simple experiment, although the probability of electromechanical appearance is not very high. Nokia's demonstration of 5g on its airscale commercial wireless access products is a major progress in the industry, which means that 5g is no longer a distant vision. Now, operators can invest with confidence in 5g network equipment that supports both current and future

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Nokia Bell Labs set a new record: in the demonstration, it provided a single user with a peak wireless data rate of more than 30gpbs, and realized more than 1million synchronous connections on a single small base station. Nokia also showed the application scenarios supported by 5g, such as driverless, industrial interconnection and interactive virtual reality, which are based on Nokia 5g multi service network architecture

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Nokia is a global technology leader in the interconnected world of mankind and everything. With the strong innovation strength developed by Bell Laboratories and Nokia, Nokia has expanded the infinite possibilities of the connected world by developing and licensing leading technologies. Kia has the most cutting-edge software, hardware and services to support all kinds of networks; It has unique advantages in providing technical support in the fields of 5g, cloud technology and IOT for communication service providers, government departments and large enterprises

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