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Nokia showed the first responder an LTE connected drone

Nokia showed the first responder an LTE connected drone

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8. After the experiment,

Nokia has shown how drones can provide efficient rescue operations for the first responder. Using its ultra compact network - a highly portable base station - Nokia has demonstrated the creation of an instant high-speed LTE network to establish a connection between a camera equipped drone and a control center. The demonstration of 3D printing materials such as metal materials of Nokia save lives initiative was held at the Emirates drone discount (D4G) award ceremony in Ajan, Dubai, where more people can wear it

network connection is usually the primary task of any rescue operation, because it is often damaged in disaster situations. Nokia's ultra compact network provides an independent LTE network that can quickly rebuild connections with a variety of mission critical applications, including video equipped drones. UAV can transmit video and other sensor data from the disaster site to the control center in real time, providing input, such as the exact location of people trapped and the nature of the difficulty of reaching the location

Nokia save lives initiative has established such a control center at the disaster site, which uses Nokia video analysis technology to analyze data to obtain useful insights, so as to make quick decisions and determine the priority of tasks, so as to achieve efficient and safe rescue operations. Nokia's video and data analysis solutions, together with rescue applications and mission Advisory tools, provide the intelligence needed to make appropriate decisions quickly. 2. According to the use of the machine and the service life of the oil

Nokia recently became a member of the GSMA humanitarian connectivity charter, which aims to provide better communication and information access for people affected by the crisis, so as to reduce the loss of life and actively promote humanitarian response. Nokia will continue this cooperation and will work with operators and non-governmental organizations to help rescue operations and provide a limited number of Nokia life-saving programs in a non-profit manner. The plan is currently being tested with operators and non-governmental organizations and will be presented at the 2017 World Mobile Congress

Bernard Najm, head of Nokia's Middle East market department, said: Nokia has been committed to expanding human technological possibilities for the benefit of mankind. We are committed to fulfilling the corporate society and saving lives through Nokia. We hope to combine our technology with drones, cooperate with non-governmental organizations and network operators, and demonstrate efficient rescue operations. UAE drones chose this measure in the public interest demonstration award ceremony held in Dubai, which clearly shows the usefulness of this innovative measure for intelligent disaster recovery

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