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Nokia announced the launch of innovative technology for TV playback and live video services

Nokia launched the world's first skim storage solution that can reduce the deployment cost of cloud DVR by 40%

through the innovative technology of Nokia Bell Labs, TV and video providers can use a small amount of storage and computing resources to provide viewers with time shift back to watch video programs

in addition, a number of other optimization technologies can greatly reduce the delay, Deliver responsive real-time experience for Internet TV users

Nokia recently adopted innovative technology developed by Nokia Bell Labs in the velocix IP video product series, which enables operators to deliver a more responsive immersive Internet TV experience at a small cost and resources. During the NAB exhibition, Nokia showed the skim storage solution and several other innovative technologies, which can make the service experience of Internet TV closer to that of traditional TV

as a breakthrough innovation by researchers at Nokia Bell Labs, skim storage solution will become a key component of velocix cloud DVR solution to solve the current high storage cost of time-lapse video viewing. Nielsen company found that 90% of TV programs are usually watched within 7 days from the date of release. Although it can automatically draw marks on the table and few people will watch it again, it still needs to ensure the availability of program resources *. Although real-time transcoding (jitx) technology can halve the storage requirements, it still requires a lot of computing resources. Skim storage solution can reduce the required computing resources by reducing the complexity of real-time transcoding by 80%. In turn, this will accelerate the whole coding process, save processing power, reduce delay, and ensure video quality

in addition, Nokia also showed other innovative technologies that can help Internet TV users speed up playback and reduce live broadcast delay. This means that viewers can now enjoy a fast response, close to the traditional live TV viewing experience on all screens. These video transmission optimization technologies adopt a near real-time transformation scheme for video packaging, storage and personalization. Whether through traditional cable TV or wireless network, network aware optimization of video transmission can be realized and the best viewing experience can be ensured

key information:

in addition to the highest level video configuration parameters, skim storage also stores a small amount of information, thereby simplifying the encoding process and reducing the complexity to 1/5 of the standard real-time transcoding technology

the start time of playback refers to the time interval from the user's choice to the beginning of video playback. Velocix real-time solution compresses this time interval to less than 2 seconds, while the broadcast start time of Internet TV commercial services is usually as long as 10 seconds

the delay of live TV broadcast based on adaptive bit rate is usually no less than 30 seconds, while Nokia's optimization technology can reduce the delay to 3 to 5 seconds

During the NAB exhibition, Nokia skim storage solution was demonstrated on HPE edgeline platform

Dr. Tom bradicich, vice president and general manager of Huiyu server, fusion edge and IOT system, said: we have further expanded our long-term partnership by jointly demonstrating the efficient deployment of cloud DVR with Nokia. As a cost-effective high-performance transcoding platform, Hui and edgeline fusion edge system will play a key role. With Nokia skim storage solution, operators, cable TV companies and other content distributors will be able to efficiently deliver out of warranty equipment from their data centers and remote ends across the intelligent edge to pay for time-lapse video content due to failure during use

Paul larbey, head of Nokia's IP video business, said: with the gradual migration of the TV industry to IP, adaptive bit rate streaming media has increasingly become a technology actually used in TV service delivery, but it also brings some challenges. Based on many of our unique innovations, this technology will bring more positive effects to live TV broadcasting, and also provide a large number of more mature business cases for watching TV

Marcus Weldon, chief technology officer of Nokia and President of Nokia Bell Laboratories, said: Nokia has always been innovative and actively committed to building future x-networks. We first identified the possible key challenges and current constraints, and then we significantly solved these problems through program innovation. Whether for traditional video programs, 360 videos and future virtual reality/augmented reality videos, skim storage solutions and related video innovations will significantly improve users' Internet video experience

with its leading product line and an international team of 750 video experts, Nokia will make full use of its deep technical expertise, rich practical experience in end-to-end system integration and top partners to help service providers push these advanced services to the market

During the NAB exhibition, Nokia also showed the next generation of immersive ozo technology solutions, which can greatly promote the development of virtual, enhanced and experimental machines in the field of hybrid reality without clear vibration power and impact

* Nielsen, December 2016: "going further: a review of advertising ratings in the past seven days"

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