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Nokia and Shanghai Bell unveiled pt/expo 2016 to decrypt "Internet new life"

information communication is penetrating into all aspects of our life and work with lightning speed. Today's enterprise operation, sales and management can become orderly by relying on the summary and sorting of information systems; Today's clothing, food, housing and transportation can also be easily realized without leaving home by means of online shopping, car hailing, APP ordering, etc

in the past, we only knew that relying on the network can know the world's affairs and people without going out; Nowadays, network communication is not only a channel carrying information, but also a window for organizations and institutions to serve the public, a carrier for companies and enterprises to carry out business, and an important support for the convenient life of individuals and families

where will the development of network communication go next? What changes will it bring to people and society

on September 20, 2016, at pt/expo China 2016, Nokia and Shanghai Bell, through the theme of people-oriented and leading a new Internet life, led innovation, served China, a new Internet life, a new smart network and a new integration of industries, depicted to the participants a picture that could be landed in a high-temperature inert environment above 2000 ℃, At the same time, a wonderful picture for the future. These exhibition contents cover many fields such as future communication, smart city and industrial innovation, with a total of 30 hot solutions and 22 on-site exhibitions, reflecting the latest technological achievements and development trends of the current information technology industry

use cutting-edge technology to benefit the people

you who know information technology like the palm of your hand must know the hottest industry topics at present: VR (the purpose of virtual reality to accelerate the localization process of key technologies of new energy vehicles), 5g, autonomous driving, industry 4.0 and robot people. You can experience these cutting-edge technologies in Nokia and Shanghai Bell's leading innovation and service China exhibition area. At the same time, participants can also clearly understand that in the development process of China's information technology industry, Nokia and Shanghai Bell have led innovation and served China for many years. 5g, IOT, security, big broadband, every frontier field is inseparable from the hard work of Nokia and Shanghai Bell

several driverless cars lined up in sequence, driving on the booth with an 8-shaped track, stopping when encountering obstacles, without colliding with each other; Run without obstacles, in order. In leading innovation and serving the China exhibition area, Nokia and Shanghai Bell demonstrated the automatic driving scene of car service with 5g technology. Using the characteristics of 5g technology, the reaction delay of driverless vehicles can be reduced from 50ms to 3MS, which improves driving safety and greatly reduces the accident rate. At the same time, the data shows that automatic driving will increase the traffic density by more than four times, reduce pollution emissions by more than 10%, and improve the livable environment of the city. In addition, through the display of industrial 4.0 robots, participants can also feel the advantages of 5g short-time delay and high reliability

in this exhibition area, there may be another exhibition that will stop you, that is, ozo virtual reality camera. This world's most advanced virtual reality camera platform can capture 360 degree omni-directional audio and holographic images in real time, and play them in real time. I believe this display will make everyone linger

uncover secrets and enter the new Internet life

there is a sentence in the movie Forrest Gump: life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get. However, in the new life exhibition area of Nokia and Shanghai Bell Internet, the secret of chocolate has been revealed

Nokia and Shanghai Bell fully described our future life for the participants. With the help of Nokia and Shanghai Bell Mini OLT 7362 ISAM and 10g PON, home Gigabit or even 10 Gigabit is no longer a luxury. Tianyi HGU and ihgu smart customs, built by Nokia and Shanghai Bell for operators, can easily realize the intelligence and automation of home

on the other hand, the strong support from 5g makes life more colorful. The 5g multi connection and large-scale connection technology shown by Nokia and Shanghai Bell on the scene improves the network capacity, realizes the high-capacity connection of a single base station, and ensures high reliability and robustness, making network disconnection a thing of the past. At the same time, the excellent low delay characteristics of mobile edge computing MEC have been able to help China Mobile provide multi angle real-time event broadcasting in Shanghai circuit. Moreover, this technology can also be used in special IOT scenarios with high time delay requirements such as unmanned driving, as well as industrial control and other fields

in addition to the above solutions, Nokia and Shanghai Bell also showed 5g ready airscale BBU, fastmile, advanced hetnet device wall, small base station, 1830 front haul mobile prequel and other different contents. These programs and products all revealed to the participants the fact that the new life in the future must be an internet society that can be accessed everywhere and connected everywhere

The story behind

Rome was not built in a day. Behind every achievement, there are often countless people who have paid and explored sweat. In the smart new network and industry new convergence exhibition area, participants can learn how Nokia and Shanghai Bell are using cutting-edge technology and rich experience to achieve people-oriented and lead a new Internet life

centralized ran, end-to-end nfv, end-to-end Cloud Architecture and LTE wireless intelligent operation and maintenance explained to the participants that the construction and management of future networks, such as experimental reports, experimental parameters, system parameters, can be stored and optimized in the form of files with solid technology; Video service performance assurance and traffic monitoring solutions clearly show the control ability of Nokia and Shanghai Bell solutions on network traffic; The display of fully connected intelligent management platform, smart city and IOT security, narrowband IOT, LTE, end-to-end data center solutions, enterprise Xinguang, etc. provides Nokia and Shanghai Bell with an opportunity to show technical strength and mature solutions to users in different industries

at the 2016 China International Information and Communication Exhibition, Nokia and Shanghai Bell showed a full range of products and innovative solutions, such as 5g, IOT, big broadband, network cloud, network security and VR, proving to operators, industry and enterprise users their ability to provide more comprehensive and perfect services. At the same time, Nokia and Shanghai Bell also showed a complete IOT solution including connection, platform, security, etc. for the first time in China, as well as a variety of applications in smart cities, demonstrating their determination to operate carbon fiber modified engineering plastics to strengthen the main commercial, government, enterprise and industrial markets

people oriented, leading a new Internet life is not just a slogan. Relying on the industry-leading technical leadership and innovation ability, Nokia and Shanghai Bell are making continuous efforts to work with domestic users to respond to national initiatives and strategies such as Internet +, made in China 2025, and contribute to social and economic development

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