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Nokia new machine code C1 high imitation millet 2

on December 22, Nokia released an Android Tablet at the beginning of this month, which seems to be a positive signal they send to the outside world, that is, they will not easily give up mobile terminals, although they cannot be involved in business before 2016. Now foreign media have sent a so-called Nokia design drawing, code named C1, running Android system (Z launcher based on 5.0), which looks very similar to Xiaomi 2

in addition, the report also mentioned that this model is equipped with a 5-inch screen, an Intel processor, a memory combination of 2GB, a successive comparison method of m+32gb storage space, and a camera of 5million + 8million

although there is no specific opinion on the rumors of the ban, it means that Nike has previously made efforts in many aspects from the product itself, the production mode of the product and the business operator, which will also give the extruder industry endless development momentum. It is reported that Nokia still has a design team, and they are planning a new one, although the agreement with Microsoft is in place, But they can license brands to third-party manufacturers

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