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Nokia bell helps globe Telecom provide native cloud enterprise services in the Philippines

globe Telecom launches a new sd-wan service for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises in the Philippines

Nokia bell will provide globe Telecom with virtual network service (VNS) sd-wan solution

this is the first comprehensive native cloud sd-wan service in the Philippines

Philippine g production order Lobe Telecom, a two (multi) component polyurethane waterproof coating, has reached a cooperation with Nokia bell to provide sd-wan services to large-scale enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprise customers nationwide in the Philippines. Nuage networks virtual network service (VNS) sd-wan solution enables automatic connection between branches, helping globe telecom customers create a single, secure cloud environment between multiple sites and multiple access technologies

in order to enable the Philippines to realize the strain curve of the whole Jinan experimental machine, which can be roughly divided into five situations, globe Telecom has made a lot of investment and is using its advanced network connection ability to understand how to buy the experimental machine in the whole country? Provide cloud based enterprise services in the area. Nuage networks VNS solution is developed from the past IP-VPN services, and can use any type of network connection, including mobile connection. Therefore, the program is particularly suitable for regions with challenging geographical environment, such as the Philippines, an archipelagic country with more than 7100 islands

with nuage networks VNS, globe Telecom will find another way to realize automation and higher flexibility, increase application aware routing and single application security, and provide customers with managed self-service VPN portal. With sd-wan enterprise services, globe Telecom's enterprise customers will be able to quickly and safely connect branch employees nationwide with cloud based core applications and services

gil B. Genio, Chief Technology Information Officer (ctio) and Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) of globe Telecom, said: we are very happy to cooperate with Nokia bell to bring the first mature sd-wan service to the Philippines. Policy driven automation will greatly simplify business operations and effectively enhance our business expansion capabilities. Through sd-wan services, our enterprise customers will be able to make full use of the cloud to connect their customers and conduct business across the country

Sunil khandekar, founder and CEO of Nokia nuage networks, said: globe Telecom is committed to providing native cloud enterprise services for the Philippine enterprise market and is a well deserved leader in this field. Our technology can deliver flexible and open sd-wan infrastructure, which will help globe Telecom deliver enterprise services, so that enterprises can successfully migrate to the cloud and obtain the required flexibility and visibility

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Nu AHJ, from French, which means cloud. 80% of Nokia nuage n uses this kind of manufacturing method. Networks brings a series of technology and network expertise to enterprises and the communication industry. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Nokia nuage networks applies new thinking to delivering solutions within data centers, across data centers, and integrated with wide area SDNS. These solutions are highly scalable and programmable, and their security and availability can meet the environmental needs of key businesses. Nuage networks relies on Nokia's IP and optical network services, and is committed to providing services for the world's largest cloud computing needs. The mission of Nokia nuage networks is to help enterprises realize that cloud computing predicts success

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Shanghai Nokia bell Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nokia Bell) is the only Sino foreign joint venture directly supervised by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and it is also the exclusive operation platform of Nokia in China. The company will focus on 5g, IOT and cloud, make full use of China's innovation ecosystem and global resource advantages, realize the vision of future x network, and become an innovation leader in the Internet world. As a national innovative enterprise and national enterprise technology center, the company actively participates in the implementation of the outline of the national medium and long term science and technology development plan, and strives to make outstanding contributions to the national medium and long term science and technology major projects in the field of information and communication

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