The hottest Nokia lumia630 makes a stunning debut

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Nokia lumia 630 made an amazing debut at Microsoft build2014 Developer Conference

how many NOMI have looked forward to the appearance of Nokia lumia with dual cards and dual waiting? Today, Nokia lumia 630, the first dual card dual standby Nokia lumia, is on the stage! Nokia lumia 630 is equipped with the latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, with unique color design and replaceable shell, equipped with 4.5-inch screen display technology, and supports a series of classic Nokia exclusive services. All this will surely bring you a convenient and perfect experience for you who love Xiao Nuo. The Nokia lumia 630 will go on sale in May this year, and the dual standby version is priced at $169

another good news is that Nokia lumia smart, which runs Windows Phone 8 operating system, will push the update of lumia cyan to Windows Phone 8.1 operating system through OTA this summer! The Nokia lumia 930 with better video and imaging effects and the Nokia lumia 635 with 4g/lte support for fast online experience were also unveiled at this conference

the perfect combination of xiaonuo and xiaoweijia lumia Nokia lumia 630

Nokia lumia 630 is not only equipped with a Windows Phone 8.1 operating system that is easy to use and understands you, but also has the cool high-end innovative functions of lumia series. The price is super people friendly, reaching the level of 1000 yuan and arbitrary program control! Let's take a look at the highlights of the powerful lumia 630:

Nokia lumia 630 is the first Nokia lumia smart phone that supports dual cards and dual standby, giving you more choices

equipped with a fast snapdragon quad core processor, it brings you a smoother and intimate social experience; The extremely fast word flow keyboard input helps you become a typing expert and dominate Sina micro. The demand and technical requirements for plastic granulator are also constantly improving for social applications such as blog and blog

with its unique color design, replaceable shell and 4.5-inch display equipped with yuescreen display technology, you can enjoy iqiyi video, Sohu Video and the popular game baobaobaoluo 2, find your sister 2 and shendiaoyou and other applications and game experiences that will soon be launched on Windows Phone

250000 massive applications, the price is close to the people, and at the same time, you can enjoy the same service experience as high-end Nokia lumia smart. The new technology sensorcore provides an innovative intelligent low battery sensing mode to support Bing health and fitness applications

there are also Microsoft office mobile office application suite, Nokia professional photography, free Nokia mixradio music service, free here map and navigation service to enrich your life and take care of your wallet at the same time

in addition, the high-end Nokia lumia 930 is also available. Taking into account the elegant and durable appearance design of the metal and polyester body, it has better video and imaging effects. The Nokia lumia 930 will be sold worldwide in June this year at a price of $599

intimate new partner Windows Phone 8.1 operating system

from this summer, if your Nokia lumia is equipped with Windows Phone 8, you can upgrade through the lumia cyan update pushed by OTA and get a series of exclusive services of Nokia lumia! WP 8.1 includes dynamic magnets with more content, Action Center for easy viewing of important notices, smoother word flow, new enterprise suite, updated photo album, and various new functions that will dazzle you

it also shows the three pole family of personalized trends, providing developers with a more perfect platform

imaging SDK (imaging software development kit) beta 1.2 is the latest version of Nokia lumia SDK software development kit, which will further improve the competitiveness of Windows Phone 8.1 market and provide other windows devices with leading image processing capabilities and powerful filter effects, It can help developers develop new generation imaging and social applications. With its launch, Xiao Nuo has provided convenience for developing a new generation of imaging applications. From today on, developers can download it from the station

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