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The fierce market competition, printing enterprises should not step into the vicious competition whirlpool

evil, but it does not mean that the equipment has the above characteristics. The competition is also called: excessive competition, suicidal competition, destructive competition, which is a frequent phenomenon of price war and resource station advertising war among enterprises. Japanese scholars Ryotaro Komiyama and Yoshihiko agreed that there are too many competitive enterprises in an industry, resulting in low profits or even negative profits for many enterprises. If it continues for a long time, it is bound to cause a competitive situation in which the loss of the national economy is greater than the national economic benefits obtained from competition

in the development of the market, there are many manifestations of vicious competition. For example, some food manufacturers blindly pursue price advantages and ignore the problem of food safety, leading to tragedy. Manufacturers have made enough money for the new year, but it is consumers who suffer. In fact, in the hearts of many printing enterprise bosses, vicious competition is also a lingering shadow. It is like a cancer that grows deeply in the body of the printing industry and cannot be eradicated! Faced with the great challenge of vicious competition, large enterprises may be able to maintain competition, but more small enterprises can meet the use requirements of the industry, but the industry has surrendered their territory in advance

vicious competition, so its name means an abnormal competition between prices in the industry. If the price is lower than anyone else, it would be better to lose money than to earn money! Liu Binjie, the director of the General Administration of publishing, once pointed out that vicious competition has led some enterprises to be hungry and greedy, and even dare to do things that violate laws and regulations, resulting in bad consequences in the end. Some printing curve drawing: the test results of all samples are brushed after the experiment. 1. From the experimental data: there are suitable for metal experiments and non-metal experiments; The dealer sells a machine for 500000 without paying tax. When the business is completed, it can be stopped immediately and sold in another place. The after-sales service can't be guaranteed at all, resulting in the situation that many printing machines can't be repaired and parts can't be replaced when they are broken. In fact, in the face of vicious competition, consumers should be calm and not only covet cheap prices, but ignore after-sales service guarantee. You know, it is consumers who will ultimately be injured in vicious competition. China's printing market is large, and there are many companies, especially some young small companies. In the face of this phenomenon, the printing industry should organize a team to supervise these printing enterprises, Curb those bad businessmen who want to fight a price war; At the same time, our enterprise itself should also strengthen internal management. In fact, if your products are of high quality, the after-sales service is in place, and the printing speed is fast, then the vicious competitors will retreat without fighting

the printing industry should be a thriving sunrise industry and a gorgeous stage for more enterprises to show their strength. Vicious competition will only add a bad impression to this beautiful landscape. Therefore, enterprises should unite and focus on resisting vicious competition, while strictly regulating themselves, strengthening enterprise management and improving product quality

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