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North American and European plastic wood composites market and trend forecast

according to the latest research report "natural and wood fiber plastic composites in 2003" of American principa partners, an international business consulting company specializing in plastics, construction products, packaging and special chemicals, natural and wood fiber plastic composites (WPC) are the fastest-growing part of the plastic industry, In 2002, the market in North America and Europe, such as the equipment in the printer of the national standard of the people's Republic of China gb5170 "verification method for basic parameters of environmental experimental equipment for electrical and electronic products", can continue to expand without setting first, with a demand of 680400 yuan and a turnover of 750million US dollars

wpc is prepared by combining wood fiber or other natural fibers with polymers. Other natural fibers include flax, hemp, jute, etc. polymers include PE, PP or PVC. Polymers and fibers can also be recycled materials. WPC applications include building products, automobiles, infrastructure, consumer goods and other industrial products. The WPC market in North America is much larger than that in Western Europe, accounting for more than 85% of the total demand of the two regions. In 2002, the total market volume reached 589700 tons, of which the standard required for the standardization of building materials products is the largest market in North America, accounting for more than 80% of the total volume, such as all kinds of planks and fences, window and door frame profiles and wall panels. Infrastructure applications account for the second place in the WPC market, with a consumption of more than 56600 tons, mainly for applications related to road slabs, and the third place for transportation industrial applications, including automotive interior trim panels, rear shelves and panels, spare tire covers, industrial and consumer goods such as picnic tables, park benches, pallets and various other products. It is expected that the WPC market in North America will maintain an average annual growth rate of 14% before 2010

at present, the WPC market in Western Europe is still in the initial stage of development. Western Europe began to use WPC in the automotive industry in 1992, so the application of transportation industry ranks first, accounting for more than half of the consumption in Western Europe. Generally speaking, the European WPC market is not mature. At present, the consumption of various planks and window frame profiles accounts for only more than 30% of the demand. It is expected that the demand for these building materials products will grow rapidly in the next eight years (2003-2010), with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%, mainly from various new application requirements, such as door frame profiles, drapery boards, beams, decorations, fences and fences. The growth rate of WPC market in Europe is expected to be 18% before 2010

at present, there are more than 75 WPC manufacturers in North America and Europe, and the total sales of the top 10 manufacturers account for 70% of the total. Most of these manufacturers are large-scale and have great advertising and marketing power. There are many small private enterprises in WPC industry, which have developed technologies and products to expand their applications. The product and price competition of various industries in North America and Europe will continue to be conducive to the growth of WPC market

principia consulting company believes that wood is the main material being replaced by WPC. At present, WPC only infiltrates 4% of the potential market in the future, so it still has great market potential. WPC will compete with PVC, reinforced plastics, concrete, aluminum and other materials to compete for the existing consumer market of wood

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