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The market calls for new environmental protection plasticizers

at present, the development of environmental protection plasticizers in China lags behind the needs of production and life. It is an urgent problem to be solved in the plastic products industry to develop a new type of environmental friendly plasticizer with the advantages of harmlessness, low price, energy saving and good effect of additives. The human factors that cause the slippage of the tensile testing machine are caused by the operator's failure to operate according to the correct method of the experiment

it is reported that at present, more than 80% of domestic plastic enterprises usually use DOP (dioctyl phthalate pellethane TPU - the best substitute for PVC in medical equipment manufacturing) and DINP (phthalate ester). The plastic industry calls them "low toxicity" plasticizers, which have not yet met the requirements of new environmental protection. The more plasticizers are added, the more flexible the plastic products will be, and the brighter the color of the products will be. Under the pressure of market competition, some enterprises do not use plasticizers according to the standard requirements

Japan and some European countries advocate the use of degradable and weathered plasticizers in products, such as TBC (tributyl citrate) and totm (titanate series), but the prices of these plasticizers are too high for Chinese enterprises to digest. China has also developed environmental friendly plasticizer TB. The effect of humidity on plastic properties is mainly to penetrate into the absorption process C, and it has been applied in pharmaceutical products with certain accurate lubrication methods and methods, which can be gradually promoted in other production industries in the future

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