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[market] aerial work platform Market: scissor lifts adapted to rough terrain stand out

[market] aerial work platform Market: scissor lifts adapted to rough terrain stand out

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companies in the aerial work platform Market are making efforts to conduct regular inspections to comply with the law, while ensuring effective service equipment and reducing overall maintenance costs. The most important thing is, Ensure the safety of workers. In 2019, there will be some new standards that will affect equipment operators, equipment manufacturers, regulators, dealers, leasing businesses and contractors

what are the noteworthy developments in the aerial work platform market

the aerial work platform provides a greater opportunity for the use of hybrid technology to reduce the emission of major pollutants and energy consumption indicators in the raw material industry. Contact number: 0471 (4) 826452. Less emissions and increased the efficiency of the machine. The air operation platform integrated with hybrid technology reduces the risk of hydraulic leakage. Most importantly, hybrid systems are expected to be more and more used in scissor and boom lifts

Zoomlion is a Chinese construction machinery manufacturing company, which has recently developed nearly eight air operation platforms, providing efficient, simple and reliable requirements for Chinese, American and European standards. The new aerial work platform integrates modern sensing, IOT technology and artificial intelligence brain, and realizes intelligent diagnosis and fault early warning detection through equipment automatic control system, mobile application and remote management platform. These new aerial operation platforms help to improve the safety and convenience of mechanical operation

how does the latest technology change the appearance of aerial work platforms

mec high-altitude working platform develops innovative solutions, such as PPSS (active platform safety system), which is of great significance to warn scissors lift operators of overhead hazards and achieve the purpose of trapping and collision avoidance

in addition, the American manufacturer JLG has recently developed a rough terrain scissor lift with enhanced control functions, including system upgrades. Improved aerial platform digital input provides operators with a high level of functionality and enhanced response

what may restrict the sales of aerial operation platforms

from a broader point of view, lack of operating knowledge of aerial work platforms can also lead to serious injury and death. According to the data of CPWR (building research and lifting frame stop operation and absorb the falling hammer training), about 26 workers die of electric shock, collapse and fall every year. In addition, the lack of maintenance of aerial work platforms may lead to heavy downtime for contractors and leasing companies

this in turn has a significant impact on the revenue growth of the entire aerial work platform market. For example, with more and more needs, huchanghua, the technical center of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, has to meet the project deadline and the unfortunate loss of the functions of scissors and suspenders has led to the expansion of the project, which in turn has led to potential additional costs of nearly thousands of dollars

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