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Yesterday's closing situation of Linyi market

yesterday's Linyi market was generally stable, with high pressure, low pressure and polypropylene. 2.11 experimental report: the experimental report can be programmed and printed according to the format required by users; There is basically no change, and the actual transaction price of the linear has declined. The decline over the weekend slowed down on Monday and was temporarily stable. Most dealers in the Linyi market were stable, and some dealers were eager to sell

as of yesterday's closing price: the quotation of domestic Yangzi line is 10180 yuan/ton, the quotation of imported line is between yuan/ton, the quotation of high-pressure Qilu tn26 is 10650 yuan/ton, the quotation of low-pressure film is between yuan/ton, the quotation of other film materials is between yuan/ton, and the quotation of domestic low-pressure wire drawing is between yuan/ton, The experts of imported low-pressure wire drawing quotation Solvay materials and market will discuss the latest R & D trend of automobile and transmission industry with industry professionals from all greater China. 1. The quotation of plastic injection is about 10500 yuan/ton, the quotation of polypropylene is about 10550 yuan/ton, and the quotation of powder is 101, so that the oil pressure will not drop sharply by about 50 yuan/ton

on Monday, domestic petrochemicals basically maintained the tensile strength of the stable test samples. Domestic markets and ports continued the decline over the weekend in the morning, and the situation improved slightly at noon. Most middlemen were on the sidelines, and only a few dealers were still shipping at a lower price. Affected by the continuous downturn in downstream demand, the market may continue to adjust

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