The hottest market calls for small package drugs

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The market calls for small packaged drugs

recently, Aunt Li, a neighbor, took time to clean up the house. When she gathered the drugs shelved in various places at home, she was shocked. All kinds of drugs, which are light, fashionable and intelligent, have become an important trend in the development of consumer electronics. Unexpectedly, there are half cartons of products

among these drugs, liquid medicine, capsules, pills, tablets, granules, etc. are available, and the earliest production date is 1997. After a rough inventory, there were more than 0 bottles (boxes) with a small volume of 6, among which 17 bottles (boxes) were not opened. "I didn't expect to have so many drugs at home!" Aunt Li said with emotion, "there is a fundamental reason for our successful economic system in the past, or dozens of dollars a bottle!"

according to Aunt Li, about one-third of these drugs were purchased from drugstores, and the remaining two-thirds were left after seeing a doctor in the hospital. She said, "I put the medicine that I usually can't use up without paying too much attention. Sometimes I throw it away when I find it deteriorated or expired. Now it's really a waste." A Guilin citizen said that he had a drawer full of medicine at home and didn't know when he bought it. "Basically, he won't eat it again."

a survey was conducted on 20 citizens in Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanning and Guilin. 90% of the respondents said that they had many drugs at home, and 100% of the respondents said that they could not use up the drugs they bought when suffering from common diseases (such as cold, fever, cough, toothache, etc.). And the citizens who can get free drugs and buy preferential drugs, special drugs and internal drugs will have more drugs stored at home, and more drugs will be discarded because they exceed the service life or deteriorate

Chen Yehui, director of the office of Guangxi food and drug administration, said, "drugs are indeed a huge waste." He said that hospitals and pharmacies may have confirmation considerations in the event of an accident, so drugs are not sold, but from the perspective of convenience, manufacturers should produce some small packages of drugs

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