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Market analysis: Q3 continental touch panel shipments decreased slightly, and Q4 recovered

Market Research Organization digitimesresearch observed that the three major telecom operators in Chinese Mainland synchronously canceled the subsidy policy for low-level smart models less than 4 inches in May 2013, resulting in the accumulation of touch panel inventory in the market. It is estimated that the shipment of continental touch panels in the third quarter will still have a large market space for the development of the extruder industry, declining by 1.0% compared with the previous quarter, In the fourth quarter, new smart models with more than 4.5 inches will be launched one after another. In order to maintain the loading speed of Turkey, the shipment of touch panels for land plants will also rise by 1.8% compared with the previous quarter

in terms of touch panel technology, glass touch panel manufacturers in Chinese Mainland, such as Laibao, began to promote the use of glass touch panels when there was a shortage of ITO films at the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. The proportion of glass touch panel shipments will reach 25.2% in the fourth quarter. In addition, in terms of tablet computers and Nb applications, lansiwang, which used to only produce concrete retaining pressure testing machines. How much do you know about protective glass? Lansiwang put into touch panel production in 2013, and successfully entered the low-level 7-inch kindlefire touch panel supply chain. Laibao also entered the new nexus7 touch panel supply chain, increasing the shipment of touch panels for tablet computers in China, In the third quarter, the shipment volume of touch panels for tablet computers in Lukang will grow by 42.9% compared with the previous quarter

as for NB touch panel, oufeiguang is actively developing metalmesh thin film touch technology to compete with Taiwan's low-cost glass touch technology. At present, it has been adopted by Lenovo, Acer and other industries, and will also promote the proportion of Nb touch panel in the mainland to exceed 10% of the global total

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