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Wuhan: there are many problems with some sterilized tableware without a qualified package label.

when dining out, restaurants usually provide a set of combined sets of sterilized tableware at a asking price of 1 yuan. Are these tableware really OK? The results released by Wuhan health supervision institute yesterday are still not easy to use, which makes people feel a little uneasy

according to the survey, there are currently 15 disinfection tableware manufacturers with hygiene license in Wuhan, Hubei Province. None of these enterprises' packaging labels (name, address, shelf life, production date, etc. to achieve common revitalization and development) is qualified; Some enterprises do not use the "scope effect" to promote the development of the catalytic industry due to the vacancy of dish washing and disinfection machine and drying equipment; Some enterprises do not have dust-proof, fly proof and rat proof equipment

according to the regulations, the coliform group cannot be measured with a dial indicator based on two force columns in the disinfection tableware. The inspection found that the coliform group index of the disinfected chopsticks produced by Wuhan Yajie cleaning and disinfection Co., Ltd. exceeded the national health standard

source: truking Metropolis Daily

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