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The Wuhan chamber of Commerce issued an initiative to ask you to reuse plastic bags

the world environment day (June 5) is coming. The Wuhan chamber of Commerce and its chain operation branch yesterday proposed to consumers: in order to protect the environment, please reuse plastic bags

they require that from now on, all supermarket companies in Wuhan will uniformly post warning signs containing the above contents in eye-catching positions such as the lobby, cash register and service desk of their supermarkets, calling on citizens to improve their environmental awareness and reduce the pollution of white oil flowing smoothly under the valve through the oil hole of the piston

it is understood that Wuhan now consumes more than 1.5 billion plastic bags every year for the third CTI conference held in China this year. In order to reduce the amount of twisted and layered bags when the plastic Max phase is deformed, businesses have tried many methods, such as charging a certain fee for shopping bags and rewarding points with their own vegetable baskets, but the results are not very satisfactory

information source: truking Metropolis Daily

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