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Wuhan ethylene reached the capacity of 800000 tons ahead of schedule

as of around 3:00 p.m. on December 17, the annual 3 and Zui large dynamic experimental force of Wuhan ethylene: 20KN; 800000 tons of ethylene will be produced, reaching the design simultaneous production capacity 14 days in advance

2014 is the first full production year of Wuhan ethylene. It is reported that the production capacity can be reached in the first full production year, which is rare in domestic ethylene projects of the same scale. The conditions of sufficient raw materials, stable production and smooth future must be met at the same time

Wuhan ethylene raw materials are congenitally deficient. In 2014, the oil refining part of Wuhan Petrochemical was fully operational, providing only 80% of the "rations" for Wuhan ethylene. Under the coordination and guidance of the headquarters, enterprises along the river extended a helping hand to Wuhan ethylene to fill the raw material gap of Wuhan ethylene in time. Under the condition that the central and downstream markets in China have not yet formed, the chemical sales company timely sells the newly added Wuhan ethylene products, ensuring that the back road of Wuhan ethylene production is unblocked

stable production is the biggest challenge for Wuhan ethylene. Wuhan ethylene is the first large-scale ethylene project in China that adopts domestic complete sets of ethylene technology and has the highest localization rate of equipment. There are only 1000 employees in more than 10 sets, of which 80% are fresh product formula and R & D ability, which are college graduates who ensure the enterprise to maintain a high profit margin. In order to lead the young team to open a new ethylene, Wuhan ethylene holds a production meeting every weekend in addition to the normal production organization, so many cadres have not taken a complete weekend. Employees use their spare time to learn operating skills. Through learning and training, many employees have been afraid to operate since they started work. Now, many employees are capable of "one job, one job, one job and one job". In order to maintain the highly localized equipment, Wuhan ethylene has established several equipment long-term operation research and special care teams to regularly and irregularly consult the key equipment, and formed an equipment maintenance mechanism integrating machinery, electricity, instrument, management and operation, so as to ensure that the equipment is not "sick" and that the equipment fault is not handled overnight

since it was put into operation in August, 2013, Wuhan ethylene has always maintained continuous, safe and stable production. In 2014, it won more than 30 red flags in the competition of similar experimental results of the headquarters

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