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Wuhan label Professional Committee held a pre press technology lecture on label self-adhesive printing. The pre press technology lecture on label self-adhesive printing organized by the label self-adhesive Professional Committee of Wuhan printing association was recently held in the conference room on the third floor of Dongguang Hotel, Dongxi Lake, Wuhan

in label self-adhesive printing, plate making is a key process. Only by making high-quality plates can we print exquisite products. The newly established label Professional Committee learned that there are still some technical differences in the production of printing plates among label printing enterprises in our city, Lack of systematic training "On the surface, the use of graphene in power cables may slightly increase the product cost. According to the needs of member units, the professional committee contacted relevant parties in Shanghai and invited professional companies to Wuhan for technical lectures.

Shanghai Xinzhi industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in plate making materials and equipment, and has also had business contacts and cooperation for many years. They attach great importance to Wuhan's invitation. The company is specially assigned to judge the materials Quality status under dynamic load manager Wang Jie of sales department and director yaozhimin of Technology Department came to carry out technical exchange activities

the technical lecture was given by yaozhimin, director of the Technology Department of Shanghai Xinzhi industry and Trade Co., Ltd. He took the matters needing attention in the process of photosensitive resin plate making as the topic, and described the basic process of plate making in the process of plate making, including prepress processing, output film, the prospect and development trend of laser digital plate making and label market, and made a wonderful speech at a low cost. After that, they had technical interaction and discussion with the participants, and conducted technical exchange activities at the production site of seven color printing company

about 30 printing enterprise leaders and professionals from the label self-adhesive Professional Committee of Wuhan Printing Association participated in the technical exchange. Leaders of a label printing enterprise in Changsha, Hunan also came to participate in technical exchange activities

the activity was presided over by renzhijian, director of Wuhan Printing Association label (self-adhesive) Professional Committee and general manager of colorful printing company. Leaders of Wuhan printing industry association also attended the exchange activity

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