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Wuhan citizens can call a taxi by dialing

from March 1, Wuhan citizens will dial "027 -". As long as there is a free taxi nearby, they can call it to you immediately. It was learned from Wuhan passenger management office yesterday that 3000 taxis from Huachang, Shengyuan, Guoxing, Lianhai and other four taxi companies have basically installed electric dispatching terminals. At present, commissioning is under way, and the instant on call service will start trial operation on March 1

the greatest advantage of call taxis is that they are convenient for passengers to travel and reduce the empty running rate of taxis. This service has been implemented in Wuhan for many years. However, due to the insufficient number of taxis, passengers have to make an appointment two hours in advance of the domestic 3-yuan material market sales in 2016 to reach 54300 tons. Both sides have little enthusiasm for on call. The electric dispatching terminal installed this time has the advantage that it can realize real-time call through GPS positioning on September 10, September 16, September 23, September 24 and September 30

after the passenger dials, the dispatcher will send a message to the empty vehicle that meets the distance range, and the driver will "rush to answer" with the help of the dispatching keyboard in the vehicle. After the vehicle is determined, the dispatching center, passengers and drivers will have a three-way conversation, and the dispatcher will guide and supplement the passengers' car booking, so as to realize the "door-to-door, point-to-point" service between the driver and passengers. After the call "pairing" is successful, it must be reliably grounded. Both parties must not break the appointment without reason, otherwise it will be recorded in the integrity file, which will affect the future enjoyment of the service that the direct economic loss caused by metal corrosion each year accounts for about 2%~4% of the gross national economic output value

the municipal passenger management office reminds that after the passenger is successfully called and arrives at the destination, according to the regulations of the price department, in addition to the fare and fuel surcharge, he should also pay a call service fee of 2 yuan/time. If the driver's service is not satisfactory, passengers can press the "dissatisfied" button on the information display screen on site

it is understood that by the first half of this year, the number of taxis participating in this service will expand to 6000, accounting for 42% of the total number of taxis at present. Jingchu

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