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Wuhan ethylene propylene refrigeration compressor was successfully started at one time. At 21:00 p.m. on March 12, Wuhan ethylene low temperature storage system was started. As of noon on March 13, the equipment was in good operation, laying a foundation for the full use of Wuhan ethylene low temperature storage system

in the tensile test,

a tank car carrying 20 tons of propylene raw materials drove into Wuhan ethylene warm tank farm, which was the first time that Wuhan ethylene introduced materials into the unit for trial operation

the field operator uses a metal hose to introduce propylene raw material from the tank car into the buffer tank, and the laboratory personnel samples and analyzes it through the drenching port of the metal hose, Until tube "We have been working with our partners to develop a new level of propylene in the TPE line until it is qualified. In order to ensure the success of the first start-up of the propylene refrigeration compressor, the operators in Wuhan ethylene low temperature tank farm spent a sleepless night. The internal operators closely monitored the temperature and pressure at the inlet of the compressor in the central control room, and the external operators regularly inspected and observed the operation of the equipment.

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