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Methods for searching and fixing potential sweat fingerprints of wrinkled plastic products; The tape paper used to cover the mouth and bind the hands extracted from the cases of kidnapping and robbery plays a key role in the detection of the case. This paper makes a preliminary exploration on the trace treatment of the above-mentioned test materials, especially the wrinkled test materials, through the actual cases of 2. Often checking whether the oil is clean or not, and forms a trace treatment process that first uses the UV observation camera system for nondestructive treatment, and then physical and chemical treatment. The author has made a preliminary exploration on the search and extraction of trace material evidence on some wrinkled plastic bags, plastic tape paper and similar objects, and formed a reasonable and relatively complete method to deal with the trace material evidence on these objects by using the UV observation and photography system for non-destructive observation and search, after fixation and physical and chemical treatment, which improves the extraction rate of trace material evidence. After this process, compared with the conventional method to extract fingerprints, The extraction quality is greatly improved, as described below. 1. UV observation and photography system and its application method the UV observation and photography system uses the UV reflection technology and the high-sensitivity UV multiplier tube to multiply and amplify the UV intensity distribution received through the UV Lens and convert it into the brightness distribution of visible light. Therefore, the system can be used to directly observe and search the trace material evidence. After finding the fingerprint, the camera can be used to take photos and fix it directly. The UV observation camera system is mainly composed of three parts: a modified 105mmnikk+r UV lens, a UV multiplier tube that converts UV into visible light, and an eyepiece. Date of receipt: experience exchange * identification of disfigurement caused by facial soft tissue injury analysis of Tianjin Hangu District Public Security Branch (300480) lijunzhong currently, in the evaluation of facial serious injury, only those whose face is seriously affected by injury according to the current criteria for identification of human serious injury can be classified as serious injury. However, let's take a look at the history of the material testing machine, which is obviously longer than 5*+, In most cases, it has a certain impact on the face, but it does not reach the degree of serious impact. In that case, what is seriously affected on the face still needs to be judged by forensic experts according to the specific situation. This judgment is often affected by the subjective consciousness and appraisal level of the appraiser. Materials used in aerospace have high requirements on many aspects of physical properties, and often cause great controversy in appraisal. Here, only the scientific evaluation of facial soft tissue damage leading to facial disfigurement is analyzed in the following aspects. The forensic standard of facial disfigurement scar tissue produced after facial injury has different effects on facial appearance, such as scar length, pigmentation, scar location, character and quantity, etc. It is one-sided and unscientific to evaluate facial disfigurement only by one factor, such as the length of scar. According to Article 9 of the identification standard for serious injury of human body in China, disfigurement refers to disfigurement of the appearance of others, resulting in significant deformation, ugliness or dysfunction of the appearance. "So the so-called disfigurement" should have the following characteristics in summary: * *, missing. The damage causes the reduction or incomplete of the external tissues and organs of the human body, and destroys the overall external image of the human body. Second, deformation. The damage destroys the normal shape of facial tissues and organs, resulting in incongruous matching proportion of various parts, such as significant deformation of ear and nose, significant collapse of zygoma, etc. Third, dysfunction. For example, the injury causes paralysis of facial muscles, resulting in incomplete closure of eyes, crooked corners of mouth, outflow of tears, inability to eat, etc. Fourth, scars and pigment changes, leading to serious ugly appearance. Identification time of facial soft tissue injury the identification principle of facial soft tissue injury is to focus on the consequences in combination with the injury at that time, that is, the identification conclusion can be drawn only after the injury is recovered and the scar is stable. The outcome of facial soft tissue injury is scar formation or pigmentation. Scar healing is a dynamic process, which goes through three stages: inflammatory stage, proliferative stage and plastic stage. The infection does not occur in the inflammatory stage, and it usually reaches the peak the day after the injury. The proliferative stage is mostly weeks. After this stage, the wound has basically healed. At this time, the scar is larger and harder, collagen decomposition is greater than synthesis during the molding period, and the scar can be soft. 42. standardization. The pathological state of scar in the process of wound healing is different, and its properties are different. Due to the influence of injury causes, infection, individual differences and other factors, the wound healing is different, but the approximate time can be set. Generally, the first-stage wound healing occurs in one week, and the serious infection wound healing occurs in more than one month. Therefore, the general scar is identified in about one month after the injury, and the obvious scar is identified in months or even longer after the injury. During this period, the identification is not only consistent with the relatively stable pathological changes of the scar, but also follows the trial period of the case. Correctly treat the objective factors of disfigurement evaluation. Whether the appearance is damaged and becomes ugly plays a decisive role. At the same time, pay attention to the following factors: first, occupation and skin color: whether disfigurement is achieved depends on different occupations and skin color. Second, the damaged parts: different parts have different effects on the appearance, and the appearance damage of other parts should be stricter than that of the face. Third, age and marriage: as the wrinkles of older people increase or deepen, the impact of scars on their appearance tends to be relatively light. For the same injury, the impact of young people, the elderly and unmarried people is often greater than that of married people. Fourth, the impact of gender: according to the current general concept, women pay more attention to their appearance than men. People often think that women are much more serious about the same scars. Fifthly, the brightness of the external light, the appraiser's vision and the distance to observe the scar are closely related to the appraisal conclusion. 4 identification principle of facial disfigurement the core of facial soft tissue injury identification is the scientific evaluation of disfigurement. Therefore, it is not allowed to mechanically compare the length or area of facial scar with relevant standards. First, when identifying disfigurement, we should focus on the damage consequences, grasp the essence, and evaluate from the whole person or the whole face. Grasp the opportunity of appraisal, neither delay the appraisal indefinitely, nor rush to the appraisal on the grounds of closing the case; Secondly, based on the standard, we should carefully analyze and brainstorm. In case of difficult or critical problems, we should carefully study them and give various opinions. In addition, understanding the case and finding out the perpetrator's motive is also an important part of facial injury identification

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