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The safety doors and windows of Qibang villa integrate more meticulous and angle aesthetics, and work with you to build a safe home and a happy home, so that safety can walk with you and me, and happiness can spread from the heart

children carry the laughter and hope of a family. Parents always spare no effort to give children better living conditions and a safer growth environment

because the child's skin is delicate, he bought a new cotton towel; In order to prevent climbing children from being abraded by the rough ground, they changed into plush carpets; In order to make it convenient for children to walk without tripping, the thresholds between rooms were all leveled; In order to prevent children from being scratched during play, the water caltrops of tables, chairs and benches are all wrapped with cloth Parents try their best to build a safe and healthy home for their children

but is such a home really safe enough? Tables and chairs can hide sharp corners through packaging. What about your doors and windows? Once it is "packed", it cannot be tightly closed! What to do

r520 round chamfer design of SE7

Qibang villa safety doors and windows, understand your worries and needs better. Humanized design, SE7 safety system, give you and your family more considerate protection. The r520 round chamfer design of SE7 safety system integrates more meticulous and angle aesthetics, so that the fillet gives the door and window temperature and care. R520 round chamfer, gentle and elegant, protects the baby's safe and happy growth. The warmth and carefulness accumulated over the years are only for a moment of casual love

as children grow up, they never stop exploring the world. They may hold a small object and play with it for a while, and then throw it away. They will also be interested in what they touch and catch. The safe chamfer design of Qibang doors and windows r520 is round and sharp, so that children can stay away from the danger of being cut by the sharp edges of doors and windows, and meet the curiosity of children, so that they can grow safely and play heartily

the corners of Qibang door and window opening fans adopt the second-generation rounded chamfer design, which makes the vision more exquisite and the radian more gentle, greatly reducing the possibility of children being injured in accidental collision and providing more safety protection for their families

the exquisite seamless welding process is formed in one, which is not only beautiful and more textured, but also comprehensively improves the mute and waterproof characteristics, gives users a delicate and luxurious textured home safety experience, keeps users away from the risks of outdoor noise interference and rainwater pouring, and gives children more safe space while guarding the home

growth needs care, and we should walk with safety in the future. Qibang doors and windows, together with you, build a safe home, a happy home, let safety walk with you and me, and let happiness spread from the heart





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