Decoration of living room porch Feng Shui

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Living room porch decoration Feng Shui

what are the feng shui of living room porch decoration

porch floor color

the floor color of the porch should choose dark color, which represents massiness and stability. In Feng Shui, this means stable foundation and strong financial resources. If you want something bright, you should surround it with dark stones. If carpets are paved in the porch, the same is true. Carpets with darker colors on the four sides and lighter colors in the middle should be selected to symbolize the gathering of wealth in the middle

the pattern of the second porch floor

the pattern of the porch floor must be avoided to have sharp horns and thorns. In Feng Shui, this kind of pattern is very unlucky, because the sharp thorns represent swords, which is easy to produce a bad aura, leading to family unrest and reckless disasters. There are many patterns on the floor, but we should choose the content that means auspiciousness

the ceiling color of the three porches

the ceiling color of the porch should not be too deep, especially not deeper than the floor, otherwise it will form the right pattern with the floor. In terms of Feng Shui, this is an earth shaking pattern, which symbolizes that the family is out of order and up and down. And the color of the ceiling is lighter than that of the floor, which is a normal phenomenon

the wall color of the four porches

the color of the porch wall should be moderate, especially not too deep, so as not to look lifeless and lifeless. The best color combination is that the ceiling at the top is the lightest, the floor at the bottom is the darkest, and the wall in the middle is between the two. As a harmony and transition between up and down, it can increase the circulation of wealth

one of the top ten taboos of Feng Shui in porch decoration

one of the taboos of Feng Shui in porch decoration, the partition design of porch with solid

living room porch needs solid design to prevent the leakage of flourishing air. The upper part is mainly transparent, and transparent frosted glass or hollow Bogu frame can be used

the second taboo of Feng Shui in porch decoration is to ensure the lighting of porch

the porch in the living room should be in bright colors. Many residential porches have no natural light source, so we should make more efforts in lighting. In addition to using transparent frosted glass at intervals, we can also use indoor lights to illuminate

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