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Before you know it, 2016 is coming to an end. I believe that owners who have experienced decoration deeply understand the importance of decoration quotation, especially for "decoration Xiaobai". Making a good budget in the early stage helps us understand the actual situation of our family and the projects we have done, and to a certain extent, we can avoid problems such as adding items, reducing items and overspending in the future. Next, Wuhan home decoration network takes a 114 square meter house as an example to see how much is the decoration price budget of 114 square meters according to the current quotation

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[the decoration requirements of Wuhan 114 square meters house are as follows]

house structure: three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

decoration style: American style

decoration method: half package

[Wuhan 114 square meter house decoration price list]

[Wuhan 114 square meter house decoration budget details]

Project 1: basic engineering

door pocket base (Blockboard) 225.00

wall peeling (gypsum plaster) 945.00

light brick wall (120 mm double-sided plastering) 3300.00

kitchen opening 300.00




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