How to choose the variety and texture of floor til

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How to choose the variety and texture of floor tiles

in the selection of floor tiles, we should mainly consider the following aspects: first, whether it is anti-skid. The varieties of floor tiles include all-round tiles, glazed tiles, all-round polished tiles, infiltrated tiles, infiltrated polished tiles, etc. These floor tiles are not anti-skid, especially if there are old people and children at home, you must do anti-skid test when buying to avoid problems. Second, choose according to your hobbies. According to personal hobbies, functional requirements of the room and the field layout, you can choose from the specification, tone, texture and other aspects of the floor tiles. Third, we should control the quality when picking bricks. When picking bricks, you can check the sintering strength by tapping gently. The sound is crisp but not muddy, indicating that the burning temperature is high and the quality is good. In addition, attention should also be paid to whether there are small pits on the surface: hard objects can be used to engrave on the glaze. If there is no trace left, it indicates that the quality of the crystal surface is very high, and the anti-skid degree of the high-quality crystal surface is better than that of the ordinary full-length brick




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