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The brand of Ruyu Deshui won the "favorite brand of consumers in the soft clothing industry"

the brand of Ruyu Deshui won the "favorite brand of consumers in the soft clothing industry". Sponsored by China Architectural Decoration Association and undertaken by Huiya advertising media Co., Ltd., the activity of "2012 national soft clothing industry dealer survey and excellent brand selection in the soft clothing industry" has been fully concerned by the dealers in the soft clothing industry since it was launched in March 2012, Dealers actively participated in the voting. The Organizing Committee received a total of more than 26000 active voting papers, and Huiya information call center sent more than 3000 telephone questionnaires. After a fair, just and open vote, in this selection activity, ruyushui brand won the "consumer favorite brand". Through the national soft decoration industry selection activity hosted by China Building Decoration Association, ruyushui won the award of "consumer favorite brand" with the highest gold content. Under the guidance of the development concept of "making curtains wholeheartedly and providing services wholeheartedly" for many years, we have won the recognition and trust of the majority of consumers for the brand of ruyushui, which also makes every ruyushui person who has worked hard for it proud and proud! At the same time, it inspires us to be more confident, more powerful and more determined for our vision: "like a fish in water, we should become one of the most successful curtain brands in the world, open stores all over the country and go global" and continue to strive for it! Shanghai Ruyu Deshui Household Textile Co., Ltd. August 5, 2012





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