Shiyou wooden door is no warmer than the thickness

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Shiyou wooden door: it's no warmer than the thickness of a door. Winter is so different. It has no vitality of spring, brilliance of summer and richness of autumn, but it has a purity and tranquility. It is left to the world and independent, just like an elf falling into the earth

Shiyou wooden door: it's warm but the thickness of a door

winter is so different,

it doesn't have the vitality of spring, the brilliance of summer, and the richness of autumn,

but it has a sense of purity and tranquility,

it is left in the world and independent, just like an elf falling into the earth

at this moment, the whole world is quiet, and the Buddha can hear the sound of falling snow.

as time goes by, flying snow and poplar flowers are just a dream.

life is colorful, and laughter can't live up to the youth

people love the excitement of spring, in which everything grows competitively,

is thriving

people pursue the enthusiasm of summer. In summer, flowers are red and willows are green,

are enchanting and charming

people prefer the golden autumn, which is fruitful,

brings people harvest and hope

winter, although it can't convey hope and vitality to people,

but it can comfort people's restless heart and feel the beauty of the world with heart

in winter, it is loved by celebrities and poets of all ages,

because it can make people feel warm

in the cold winter, warmth is just a smile, a hug, or even a cup of hot tea

Shiyou wooden door makes warmth just the thickness of a door

outside the door, there is a white world, silent,

inside the door, there is a warm home, laughter,

the thickness of a door is the distance between the two worlds. From then on, we believe that "nothing is warmer than home"

isolate the cold of 0.1 degrees Celsius outside the door, and keep the warmth of spring at home.

Shiyou wooden door is used to true feelings, waiting for thousands of families attentively

with a log of 100 years old, it is protected day and night for 20 years.

Shiyou wooden door is of true quality, so that you can sleep soundly in your sleep

every warm night is the sincere guardian of shiyoumumen

on the snowy day in the north, when it is frozen for thousands of miles

the flames of the fireplace are jumping merrily, and melodious music flows slowly through my ears

make a cup of strong coffee, snuggle up on the sofa with your lover,

forget how long it has been, and never whispered together on the fire like this,

forget how long it has been, and never snuggled up to each other to tell your thoughts,

close the wooden door of world friends, and there is only you and me in the world

the warmth of home is nothing more than the thickness of a door

winter is an exquisite picture drawn by nature.

winter tells you where to get to the safe haven

the glittering and translucent snow and ice world with pink makeup will only appear in winter,

the snowflakes all over the sky are like its light steps

the beautiful winter scenery decorates your dream,

snow covered, dream back to your hometown

winter seems bleak, but it includes spring, summer, autumn and winter.

there is vitality in spring, warmth in summer, and perfection in autumn at home

there is heavy snow outside the door, and the window tracers on the glass are the most beautiful ornaments.

inside the door, it is as numerous as summer flowers, hoping to grow wantonly, and happiness is taking root

decorate your home in spring and summer, and leave winter and cold as beautiful scenery outside the window

touch the wood door of Shiyou with both hands,

when the smooth quality touches the fingertips, when it warms and moistens the heart,

it turns out that the warmth is no more than the thickness of a door





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