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Moman wallpaper, with its natural, noble and fashionable brand gene culture and high environmental protection natural new materials, has won the popularity and support of the majority of consumers! For many families in the wall decoration should be how to choose wallpaper, moman wallpaper gives the following suggestions

Morman wallpaper, the leader of high-end wallpaper brands, originates from Europe and the United States with the highest environmental protection standards in the world. It inherits the world's mainstream high-end new products such as the USA series, Italy series, France series, German series, English series, China series, Sweden series, gathers rich and colorful product versions and continuously launches a collection of mainstream consumer natural, environmental friendly and fashionable flower types every year, covering European style, modern, simple Europe, classical Pastoral, art, personality, Chinese style, cartoon and other design styles, with their natural, noble and fashionable brand gene culture and high environmental protection natural new materials, have been unanimously pursued and supported by the majority of partners and consumers! For many families in the wall decoration should be how to choose wallpaper, moman wallpaper gives the following suggestions:

living room: should be simple and elegant, suitable and tranquil

the living room is the place to receive guests, generally do not decorate too personalized. If it is full of wall decoration, you can choose the wallpaper with light flowers, which will make the living room space appear larger. European style decoration can be matched with wallpapers with vertical stripes; Modern ones should use cold colors, so warm colors will make people feel irritable if they are used for a long time. The color matching of the background wall should adapt to the furniture, but pay attention to the use of no more than three colors, otherwise it will appear very messy

bedroom: self space shows personality

bedroom is the most personal space, carrying the owner's preferences. Although in principle, the owner's favorite design and color shall prevail, generally speaking, it can be divided into two cases. Big colors make a natural atmosphere; Small broken flowers create an extremely romantic gentleness

generally speaking, bedroom decoration tends to the preference of the hostess. If the hostess is a capable professional woman, home decoration should reflect a kind of boldness and atmosphere. You might as well choose the wall opposite the bed as the background wall, and lay wallpaper with flower patterns completely different from the other three walls. Note that the color of the flower center is consistent with the color of other walls, and the overall feeling is atmospheric, romantic, and full of artistic feeling

children's room: environmental protection is paramount

children's room is the most suitable place for wallpaper, and its wallpaper is also the most beautiful. The first requirement of children's room wallpaper is environmental protection, followed by style. At the same time, different wallpapers are selected for the children's room due to the age difference of the owner. Many knowledge of children under the age of 10 comes from intuitive cognition, so some cartoon wallpaper can be pasted in the rooms of these children, which helps stimulate children's perception. The most annoying thing for children aged 10 to 18 is to be treated as children, so the decoration should not be too naive. Base color: boys use cold colors, girls use warm colors, and some fashionable patterns are decorated on the waistline. Girls can put some fashionable girls' patterns in version Q, while boys are suitable for sports elements

bathroom: the walls in the dry area should be moisture-proof

generally speaking, wallpapers are rarely used in the bathroom, but if your bathroom is a dry and wet area, you can use your favorite wallpapers in the dry area without worry. The wallpaper of the bathroom should choose some very light colors, which will make the bathroom very clean. Japanese wallpaper is widely used now. This kind of wallpaper is not only waterproof, but also has the function of sterilization. But because it is futures, it takes a long time to wait. If the requirements are not very high, wallpaper with strengthened surface is generally OK

warm tips: small rolls of wallpaper are generally 0.53 meters wide and 10 meters long. The whole roll is sold without cutting zero. In the actual pasting, there is a reasonable loss of 10%-20% for wallpapers, and the loss of large flower wallpapers is even greater, so the consumption should be reserved when purchasing. At the same time, the construction technology of wallpaper is relatively complex, so we must find professional workers to pave it. Moreover, the wall with wallpaper must not be painted with waterproof emulsion paint





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