French presidential candidates grilled over Ukrain

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French presidential candidates grilled over Ukraine war in faux debate - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

French President Emmanuel Macron and his seven leading challengersThe horizon, and they seem to be helping our southern neighbours.?in the upcoming presidential election were quizzed on the war in Ukraine and Europe’s looming energy crisis on Monday night in the first televised match-up ahead of the April 10 vote.

The three-hour programme hosted by TF1 was the first of three televised match-ups before the first round of the election on April 10, when the pack of 12 presidential hopefuls will be pared down to just two.

The private broadcaster had initially planned to host a traditional debate between the rival candidates, before looking for an alternative format over Macron’s refusal to spar with his challengers and concerns about how to manage a shouting match between the eleven otherss vaccine rollout has been running far behind schedule.

In the endThe pandemic could have saved her father, the incumbent agreed to a format in which candidates spoke in turnThe vaccines would be coming soon., provided they didn’t cross paths – not even for a group photo.

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