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HPC China gravitational wave strikes | agile 1 spindle and its drive system spindle (1) is composed of Panasonic exchange electromechanical (2) and pwmc pulse width speed regulation control system. The rated torque of the electromechanical system is 9.545n m, the pulse width speed regulation range is 10 (2) 000r/min, stepless constant torque, and the high-speed accuracy is 1% The electromechanical power is about 1.5KW. The 2016 Huawei China partner conference was grandly held in Chengdu from March 10 to 11 at the main shaft (1) and electromechanical (2) upper network sub forum. During the meeting, the audience was very happy with the sharing of celebrities in various industries and technical fields, practical exchanges and program release. Among them, the network sub forum with the theme of nuggets SDN in the era of full connection not only makes the audience feel interesting, but also calls for a lot of speed and precision

keyword 1

great space opportunities

as we all know, the popularity and investment of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and IOT are increasing. Will the space of the basic data communication field become smaller and smaller, or will the growth rate slow down? Facing such questions, he Weizhi, head of Huawei BG China Enterprise Network Solutions Sales Department, gave a firm answer no! He believes that there are two main reasons

first, the IP integration of many industries needs to be deepened; Second, government and enterprise ICT has evolved from a support system to a business system, putting forward new requirements for the network

connection from basic connection to Super bandwidth connection and then to more intelligent connection. At the same time, the value brought by the connection is also rapidly emerging. The 15 year track and field World Championships has allowed 680000 people to enjoy the wireless field; Meituan builds an innovative cloud platform to support 100 billion transactions; Industrial and Commercial Bank of China reassured 400million users of financial management and so on

at the same time, he Weizhi confidently said:

Huawei's SDN based agile network solution and continuous innovation ability can provide customers with the best products and solutions for digital transformation. At the same time, it is also a sharp weapon in the era of full connection of Huawei's joint partner Nuggets

he Weizhi's views have also been recognized by Mr. xiangligang, a well-known communication expert

intelligent interconnection will bring us a new world. The industry should form its own ability in infrastructure construction. The concept and innovation of agile network are worthy of recommendation

he Weizhi, head of Huawei BG China Enterprise Network Solution Sales Department, made an opening speech

keyword 2

comprehensive upgrading of solutions

facing 2016, Huawei has new upgrades of products and solutions in all areas of the network

the core change in the park scene is that the combination of wired network and wireless network will be closer. Huawei's agile park has upgraded six new agile features around high-quality experience and efficient management, and launched more than ten new wireless AP devices in four categories to build high-quality wireless networks based on different scenarios

he Weizhi said

in another fast-growing scenario, data center network, Huawei not only adapts to the development of servers, but also introduces the industry's first 25g access +100g connection +400g wavelength division scheme. At the same time, it realizes the collaboration of computing, storage and network resources based on SDN, which not only improves server performance, but also realizes refined operation management. Fully meet the needs of customers in the Internet, finance, government and other industries

in the security field, the apt big data security solution launched by Huawei is the embodiment of years of accumulation in the security field. Huawei's big data security solutions not only do security detection, response and defense, but also can be visualized from a global perspective, and provide Threat Intelligence to customers based on the big data platform. It has been widely concerned by customers in government, finance, large enterprises and other industries. Meng Xiaohu, director of Huawei enterprise network and security product line solutions, said. In the branch access scenario where joint innovation is the most active way to ensure that all the new chemical production capacity in the city will enter the chemical park, Huawei provides an agile branch solution based on people's Union + things Union, and a new upgrade of ar2200 series models. This brings more solutions for simplified management and business value-added of branch scenarios

Meng Xiaohu, director of enterprise network and security product line solutions, introduced apt big data security solutions

keyword three

practice is better than eloquence

all the keynote speeches of the entire agile network forum were centered on cases. Among them, when sharing the wireless campus construction of Nankai University Jinnan campus, teacher Lin Chujian of Nankai University information construction and management office said:

the wireless construction goal of the new campus is to achieve extreme experience, high-speed access, high reliability, integrated management, service management and support fully programmable. Relying on Huawei's agile campus solution, we use two s12700 as the core, more than 5700 802.11acaps are deployed in all buildings and roads on the campus, and Huawei's esight system is deployed for unified management. Fully support the current and future learning and work needs of more teachers and students in the new campus

Lin Chujian, teacher of information construction and Management Office of Nankai University, shared

in addition, the case of meituan and Huawei jointly building a cloud network platform based on SDN innovation to help accelerate meituan's cloud business and the bright kitchen project built by Huawei's joint partners in Chengdu also attracted great interest from the audience

after three hours of sharing, many visitors came to the booth area of the partner conference to exchange in-depth technical solutions. We believe that the innovation and practice of agile network will bring new impetus to the Chinese enterprise market in 2016 and help customers transform and partners succeed

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