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How about HTC vive's new oculus quest all-in-one glasses? Experience evaluation experience of a certain East

this HTC vive new oculus quest all-in-one machine glasses looks recommended by the evaluation. A certain East planted this HTC vive new oculus quest behind, and shared the experience of using it for a period of time:

1. Viewing effect: much clearer than rift

2. Comfort: much more comfortable than rift, but it is still unfriendly to facial cheekbones, and it will still be uncomfortable to wear it for a long time

3 Other features: the best thing is the portability of quest, which also has a visual experience close to PC. taking it out at any time makes the temperature of printing materials have to be increased to share with friends. It's so cool

4. After sales evaluation: Thank you very much for the timely technical help of the store. Because there are walls, it's still troublesome to explore the settings yourself at the beginning

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htc vive new oculus quest

I. HTC vive has a higher accuracy of imported configuration. New oculus quest activity price: price: ¥ 4188.00 activity quotation link:

HTC vive new oculus quest

II HTC vive oculus quest configuration parameters:

htc vive new oculus quest

III. HTC vive oculus quest other user comments:

1. Comfort: comfortable and moderate. If you play continuously for oneortwo hours, your eyes will be uncomfortable. However, the convenience lies in that you can put it as soon as you finish it, and you don't have to worry about something halfway

2. Operation is difficult and easy: the operation is simple and convenient. The novice tutorial is very detailed. Novices are easy to get started. My girlfriend has a lot of fun

3. Workmanship quality: suitable weight

4. Appearance: plain and inconspicuous

page visualization display information 5. Other features: leading other VR in all aspects, especially friendly to bad computer equipment like me, the most important is wireless, wireless, wireless

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