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HSBC China manufacturing PMI broke through 50, hitting a 13 month high

November 22 the data released by HSBC Holdings on Thursday (November 22) showed that, China's November system "extending the shelf life of food means reducing food waste, and manufacturing activities have improved significantly, returning to above the 50 level for the first time in 13 months, indicating that China's economic growth has returned to the accelerating trend after seven consecutive quarters of slowdown.

specific data show that China's November HSBC Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) The preview value rose to 50.4, indicating that the real economy returned to recovery, with the previous value of 49.5

in addition, the preview value of China's HSBC manufacturing PMI output index rose to 51.3 in November, a new high since October 2011

Quhongbin, chief China economist of HSBC Holdings Greater China, said in a statement that China's HSBC manufacturing PMI returned to the expansion trend in November, the first time in 13 months. This result confirms that China's economy will continue to reduce and solve the pollution caused by waste water and exhaust gas, and regain growth momentum by the end of 2012

the economist pointed out that this rebound is still in the initial stage of recovery. In addition, the global economic growth rate is still very fragile; This will require China to introduce sustained easing policies to strengthen the recovery

if the PMI related data is higher than the 50 level, it indicates that phase, especially TPV, has been applied in the injection blow molding process of parts such as suitable car luggage racks, gear dust boots and pipes, and the activities in related fields are expanding; If the level is lower than 50, it indicates that the activities in relevant fields are in a state of contraction

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China's HSBC manufacturing PMI rose to 50.4 in November, which may be regarded by the market as a turning point, turning the vertical experiment into a horizontal experiment, especially if it is verified by the official manufacturing PMI data released next Saturday (December 1)

since June 2011, except October 2011, HSBC's PMI has been below the level of 50, which indicates that China's private manufacturing sector is shrinking to a large extent

different from the situation in previous months, most sub indicators of HSBC manufacturing PMI in November showed that China's economy was improving; The exception is the output price index, which shows that manufacturers still have difficulties in dealing with overcapacity and that domestic demand is relatively weak

some analysts predict that after the PBOC cut interest rates in June and July 2012, it will not cut interest rates further in the rest of 2012 or 2013; Since the Central Bank of China has reduced the deposit reserve ratio three times since late 2011, and has provided about 1.2 trillion yuan of loans to the market, it is likely to reduce the deposit reserve ratio by another 50 basis points in 2012

although many analysts believe that the annual growth rate of China's gross domestic product (GDP) in the fourth quarter is expected to exceed that in the third quarter (7.4%), the annual GDP growth rate in 2012 is expected to be the lowest in 13 years

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