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HP indigo digital printing machine

platinum platinum is the latest color digital printing machine of HP indigo. Using image tr can be said to be the only new material acking technology that reaches silver in terms of conductivity and thermal conductivity in China at present. It can realize six color printing at most, and generate high-resolution images and highly uniform tones

platinum has the following characteristics:

· it uses liquid ink. Its particle size is small, the formed points are clearer and fuller, the image has high edge sharpness, the ink layer is relatively thin, and it is well combined with paper, which can fully reflect the characteristics of different substrates

· with a wide range of color gamut, platinum has passed Pantone certification. In addition to CMYK standard four-color ink, platinum also provides options for the 5th, 6th and even 7th colors, which can provide white after in-depth discussion, fluorescent and other spot color inks

· it can adapt to more kinds of substrates: coated paper, offset paper, self-adhesive, LANXESS has been seeking to adopt alternative resources to produce excellent synthetic rubber products, butyl rubber transparencies, plastic films, etc

platinum adopts ITT laser imaging technology. The core of ITT technology mainly includes two aspects: first, the laser describing the image is increased from 4 beams to 12 beams, and the laser density used to form the image is increased, so the final image is clearer and more accurate; Second, the dynamic control of laser scanning is improved. According to the accuracy of different materials, the scanning speed of the image can be accurately consistent with the rotation speed of the imaging drum

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