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HPE and Aruba released their first integrated network solution, pointing to Cisco

less than nine months after HP enterprise (HPE) announced that it had completed its $3billion acquisition of wireless manufacturer Aruba networks, the company will release its first integrated network technology, targeting Cisco's enterprise market share

comm solutions is a long-term partner company of Aruba headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Bill Carr, the company's chief mobile architect, said: now it is actually an integration story. In fact, in such a short period of time, our combination of wired infrastructure and HP smart rate technology in Aruba access point proves that it is not only necessary to have a plan, but also to reach an agreement on relatively fast implementation. Our enterprise customers increasingly welcome the option of replacing Cisco

hpe Aruba has released a new network and software integration solution suite, enabling enterprises to provide solutions for the rising digitalization, byod and IOT, said Christian Gilby, Aruba's product marketing director

the new integrated solutions include multi gbaruba access points with HPE smart rate technology, a software module for Aruba air wave network management, clear path policy manag, which will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the extruder industry er6.6, and a unified operating system Aruba OS switch, which integrates the best features and capabilities of rovision OS operating systems such as Aruba OS and HPE P's appearance in contact with samples, and adopts sticky soft rubber, According to the company

we will combine the best technologies in these two fields for the first time, Gilby said in an interview with CrN. We are well prepared for success, and our approach is quite different from that of Cisco

gilby said that Cisco has deployed network technology into many different architectures through all the acquisitions it has completed

competition usually involves multiple architectures. If you switch before these architectures, for example, you have to switch access points, Gilby said. We believe in providing customers with this tool suite, so that they can fundamentally add tools according to the needs of growth. In terms of how we really accelerate and deliver to customers, this is usually to combine all software and hardware together, rather than keep the products isolated

according to the data from synergy research group, the global switching and router revenue exceeded $41billion in 2015, and Cisco still dominates the enterprise market

according to synergy data, in the fourth quarter of 2015, Cisco accounted for about 62% of the enterprise exchange market, followed by HPE, F5 networks, and then Arista network, which constituted the particularity of fixture structure s. In this quarter, Cisco also gained 69% market share in the enterprise routing market, followed by juniper, HPE and Huawei

Cisco has a good position in this market, but I think the acquisition and integration of Aruba gives users who have an open mind and do not have to pursue the Cisco environment a new alternative, said Carr of comm solutions

aruba will release a new 802.11acwave2 access point, which integrates HPE smart rate technology to provide the highest performance for bandwidth intensive applications and high quality for delay sensitive applications, such as Microsoft Skype for business and WiFi calls, Gilby said. The new access point integrates Bluetooth low energy. In addition, the new Aruba 3810 switch series using smart rate technology allows enterprises to provide a data rate of 1/2.5/5/10gbps

3810 series and the existing Aruba 2530, 2920 and 5400r campus switch product portfolio will adopt the new aruboaos switch, a unified operating system, which aims to combine the best features and capabilities from aruboaos and HPE provision OS operating systems. Aruba said that by integrating these two technologies, these next-generation switches can achieve real-time programmability without sacrificing wire speed packet forwarding performance

gilby said that all HPE traditional switches will be labeled Aruba in the future

the new multi GB aruba330 series access point will be available in the second quarter of 2016, priced at $1695. 3810 switches are now available, starting at $4299

aruba also launched a new version of clear path policy manager6.6, so that the security team can create strategies that meet the growth needs of byod and solve the challenges surrounding IOT adoption. Version 6.6 can realize customized device configuration for any unclassified connected devices, and multi factor authentication of mobile devices for network use and security

clear path is very successful for us, Carr said. Now they have increased the customer configuration, so it will be very important for our medical and public customers, because they need to have many disposable devices that they want to treat differently when accessing the network. At present, they cannot do this

Gilby said that with the new clear, partners can build a solution that they can manage and ensure their security across networks from a single interface. Clear path integrates the next generation firewall from Palo Alto networks, and adopts technologies from duo security and image wave to deal with network and application threats in real time

clear path6.6 will be provided to existing customers with valid service contracts as a software upgrade free of charge in April

hpe Aruba's final new solution is Aruba clarity, a software monitoring module for Aruba's new air wave8 network management. Clarity will actively monitor a wide range of indicators to provide intuitive evidence, so that customers can predict and quickly solve connection problems before users are affected

this is a good opportunity for partners to create a managed product and manage wired and wireless networks, Gilby said. Clarity helps partners achieve this, because it is different from what you have done before. In the past, you may solve the problem after it happens. With clarity, this process will be proactive and advance

the enhancements of the new version of air wave8.2 include the integration of Wi Fi delay visualization, which greatly shortens the time for wireless network engineers to discover negative trends in Wi Fi coverage and reduces manual intervention, Gilby said

air wave8.2 and clarity will be available at the end of this month

gilby said that the new HPE Aruba has invested in cross training and the respective technologies of education channel partners. We are speeding up the use of magnesium alloys and rare earth magnesium (aluminum) alloys in the fields of automotive dashboard and seat frame, steering wheel core, wheel hub and so on to educate those partners who focus on the wireless field, so that they can quickly understand the wired network field, and vice versa, he said

as a long-term partner of Aruba, Carr said that this acquisition opened the door to more overall service opportunities

through the acquisition of HPE, the service opportunities of partners will become wider and wider, because it allows us to get involved in the wired field that we have not been involved in before, Carr said

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