The hottest HTC mobile phone is plagued by quality

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HTC quality problems are entangled in HTC one s paint falling

after the desire series, it seems that the aura of HTC is getting weaker and weaker. It is not until the one series, which produces the closest reaction force during deformation, that HTC has a good sense of existence for the company to focus on key components and materials such as automotive functional parts and structural parts. For example, one of them has a good configuration and uses a new "ceramic coating" design, but this new ceramic coating has recently been exposed to problems

just a dozen days after it was launched, some users broke out that htcones had paint falling off. According to the photos, there were no dents or scratches, which were not caused by falling or impact, but more like normal use. This should not be true for HTC, which has a good reputation for quality

htc quality problems are entangled in htcones paint falling

htcones feels like "ceramic", but its own material is aerospace grade aluminum metal. This is because HTC has treated the shell of ones with microarc oxidation technology, forming a ceramic coating on the metal surface, which can make the metal more solid. After micro arc reaction, the hardness can be increased by 5 times theoretically

micro arc oxidation technology processing process

unfortunately, beauty only exists in theory. Htcones currently sells for more than 4000 yuan, which can be said to be a high-end model. As a high-end product, it is not the first time for HTC to have quality problems: hd2cpu welding deficiency leads to overheating and death, desirehd power key sinks, battery cover is not tight enough, and the gap around the desires screen is too large, The screen ash feeding problem caused by the integrated rear cover of sensation series, etc

whether the impression of "excellent workmanship" accumulated by HTC in its early years can continue can only be solved by HTC itself

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