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On July 12, Beijing time, the British science and technology station pock Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. gave customers technical guidance and experience of using machines based on the principle of manufacturer's production and after-sales. Et lint quoted a source on Wednesday as saying that the new machine code of HTC's flagship series next year has been released, which is internally called M8. In addition, HTC plans to launch an upgraded version of its flagship new htcone later this year

the source alleged that HTC has begun to plan htcm8 internally, but different codes are used in external contacts to avoid the leakage of relevant information. It has also entered the transformation period of innovation driven development. However, insiders did not disclose any specifications or design details of M8

as for the upgraded version of the new htcone planned to launch this year, although HTC has recently carried out a series of software upgrades for the machine, it is believed that the internal parts of the upgraded version have been significantly improved. Since the existing model uses Qualcomm snapdragon600 processor, the upgraded version is likely to switch to snapdragon800 chip, which is the same as the xperiazult chip recently launched by Sony

in addition, htcone will also release a plastic version to integrate the relatively cheap butterfly into the one brand. The specification of the plastic version of htcone is unknown, and it is expected to be launched in 2014, as well as M8

insiders have said that the plastic version of one will be launched, but the time is likely to be delayed until next year. It is impossible to confirm the design style of this machine for the time being. Is it like the existing butterfly machine? Or like onex before? Unable to determine for the time being

if the news is true, HTC seems to want all its flagship products to be integrated into the one series, similar to Samsung's flagship galaxys4 and many series of products

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