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HR outsourcing, where will HR manager go

chengxiangyang, general manager of labor disputes in China, the emergence of HR outsourcing is actually a wake-up call for most so-called human resource managers. Real human resource managers should not only pay wages, calculate social security, and do recruitment... Human resource managers of enterprises should turn to macro strategic management, and strive to make the HR department from the past consumption department to the Department of capital appreciation

think more about how to make "people" play a greater role and improve the per capita yield. If an enterprise really outsources HR, most of the outsourcing is procedural work. HR workers need not worry about being robbed of their jobs. What we should really worry about is that while HR is outsourced, the enterprise has given HR managers a new role - the promoter of enterprise interests and the consultant of company strategy. How to change roles? This requires HR managers to give up the things that should be given up in time, really consider from the corporate culture and macro strategy, and devote themselves to the construction of the corporate culture of the company, so that employees have a good sense of belonging and make every employee more dedicated; HR manager also plays the role of corporate culture publicity lecturer and training lecturer. Enterprise strategy includes sales strategy, which requires HR managers to understand sales. So I think after HR outsourcing, HR managers will face higher challenges instead of losing their jobs. Therefore, I suggest that HR managers should not only increase their professional knowledge and experience, but also study MBA courses and master a foreign language to adapt to the development of human resources in the future. Otherwise, it is likely to be eliminated by rapidly developing enterprises, and may have to go to HR outsourcing companies to continue to engage in "personnel" work

zhangjinrong, general manager of Shanghai dispatch talent Co., Ltd.

the rapid development of China's economy has made the human resource management of enterprises closer to internationalization, and the socialization and specialization of human resource services are becoming increasingly obvious, which is an inevitable phenomenon of market competition. As I said before, "human resource management outsourcing is the most demonstrative form of economic development and the most competitive form of outsourcing, and it is the development trend of human resource management in the 21st century"

the scale and mode of human resources outsourcing can reflect the market competitiveness of an enterprise from one side. In fact, this behavior is to outsource the links in the enterprise's value chain that do not have core competitive advantages to professional institutions with advantages through social division of labor, so as to retain their comparative advantages. It is a kind of thinking expression of competition and cooperation

the deep-seated significance of the implementation of personnel outsourcing in enterprises is the transformation of functions and functions that the personnel department of the enterprise can achieve with the help of outsourcing, that is, the transformation of the traditional personnel management function of the enterprise to the management of human resources management and even to the management of the whole process of strategic human resources, which promotes the position of the personnel department of the enterprise from the auxiliary position of operation to the position of the strategic management partner of the enterprise

after outsourcing, the business of the human resources department will only be more professional, deeper and heavier. HR managers will pay more attention to the strategic planning and Strategies of human resources in the enterprise, and provide corresponding business functions such as organizational structure, leadership, talent reserve and its corresponding incentive mechanism according to the strategy of enterprise development, so as to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise from the perspective of operating human capital

the change of the business model of the enterprise personnel department naturally also brings about the change of the role of the personnel manager, which is to transform the personnel affairs administrator into a human resources operator, and the requirements for employees are also higher

The prevalence of HR outsourcing will indeed destroy the jobs of some human resource managers who only engage in traditional personnel administration, but this is an inevitable elimination and a manifestation of enterprise progress

daixiaomin, manager of Human Resources Department of Guangdong Keda electromechanical Co., Ltd.

HR outsourcing is just to put down the burden of confusing and cumbersome daily affairs for human resources managers. Moreover, human resources outsourcing does not mean to cancel some businesses. Enterprises need to develop, and related businesses must also develop in a coordinated manner. In addition, the further development of HR outsourcing cannot develop into a package culture. Enterprise culture is a kind of value concept that has been precipitated for a long time in the process of enterprise development. If the core content of enterprise culture is changed due to HR outsourcing, then HR outsourcing will come to an end. Therefore, in China, choosing HR outsourcing is at best a complementary form of "business socialization". Foreign popular or useful things will soon become "Chinese characteristics" when they arrive in China, and HR outsourcing is no exception. Human resource managers should focus on how to improve their professional quality and strategic vision of human resources after going light, so as to make human resource work more professional

no matter how outsourcing, as long as it is in line with enterprise development, has certain professional skills, and has good professional ethics, human resources managers will not be unemployed. For the outsourced business, the focus of human resources is to do a good job in three aspects: first, assessment and supervision, second, tracking and assistance, and third, communication and feedback

for businesses without outsourcing, the key work of human resources should consider the planning, development and training of human resources. The scope of human resources training before outsourcing is all inclusive, and the human resources training after outsourcing is more targeted and professional, with clearer training purpose and more obvious training effect

LUO Keming, the specially appointed Human Resources Director/Consultant of Xiamen Purple Star Education Institution

HR outsourcing will not and cannot make HR lose its living space, but will promote the rational improvement or return of the strategic role of human resources and its importance in organizational operations. Because as an organization, it is impossible to entrust the management of its key human resource groups to an organization that has no absolute control over it. The most critical factor of organizational personnel outsourcing is the risk of organizational human resources, so organizations will not easily outsource the human resources operation of the core group of human resources. It is only personnel outsourcing, not human resources outsourcing

North America will become a strong MDI consumer market. Package activities do not exist only in the HR field, but also in other fields, such as processing, manufacturing, procurement, etc. but there is no problem that professionals in other process fields lose their living space, which will promote the progress of professional level in this field

from the perspective of human resource practice, the part of organizational outsourcing may be more human resource transactional outsourcing, and the part of conventional human resource development activities outsourcing. However, when it really involves the organization's human resource strategy, planning, and system, it is more the organization itself that operates. Even if intelligent institutions are needed, it is also a professional human resource consulting company rather than a human resource outsourcing company

however, there are considerable differences in the content and mode of outsourcing in different organization sizes and different business types. Organizational outsourcing HR must pay attention to the control of organizational risks, because the organization that outsources human resources is not as familiar with the organization as the organization's own human resources, and is familiar with the specificity of human resources practice in a specific organization

long Pu, human resources manager of a multinational foreign-funded enterprise, as an emerging human resources service organization industry, with its highly professional, technical and operational human resources management concept, will occupy a place in the human resources market. This material is composed of biodegradable compostable BASF polymer ecoflex ○ R and polylactic acid (PLA), Therefore, HR outsourcing can't be regarded as a great impact on future HR managers. In the face of such an impact of fighting for jobs, what should our HR managers do? In fact, I personally think that in the face of this impact, it is a very good opportunity for HR managers, because it brings more strategic improvement, and even a phoenix like leap. Therefore, under such an impact, HR managers should first do a good job in changing their roles, that is, transforming the current actual personnel administrative organization into a professional human resource management organization, freeing themselves from routine administrative work and investing in more important strategic work, that is, the core business of human resources mentioned above, so as to achieve a systematic and qualitative change in human resource management, Then it will naturally turn into the strategic business partner of the enterprise. Only after experiencing such a Phoenix Nirvana role transformation, and the human resources department improves its position in the enterprise, can it really give play to the energy contained in the strategic partnership of the enterprise. (end)

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