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Hrsflow introduces a new gate technology to manufacture high-quality parts without flash.

hrsflow, a hot runner expert headquartered in Italy, has launched an innovative, high-quality and cost-effective gate technology, which can manufacture high-quality parts without flash, and can better control the nozzle temperature, reduce processing procedures and time consumption, and it is easier to replace when worn

molders hope that the molding process window can be opened at any time to provide better molding conditions. Hrsflow, a hot runner expert headquartered in Italy, with its new hpgate, has introduced an innovative, high-quality and cost-effective gate technology, which can be used to manufacture high-quality parts without flash. Different from traditional products, the hot runner system processes the gate on the hard metal insert produced by hrsflow. When working, the insert only needs to be screwed into the mold, so it is easy to replace when worn

the new hpgate concept from hrsflow (above) introduces a new technology of screwing hard metal inserts into the mold and machining conical cylindrical gates in it. If worn, the closure can be easily repaired without traditional cost intensive work on the mold

hpgate makes the mold, but now the components of this kind of material can be found on different models of mini. The manufacturer gets rid of the time-consuming and complex process of processing standard cylindrical gate. In fact, by machining the gate geometry on the insert, hpgate eliminates the difficulties associated with cylindrical configurations, including narrow tolerances, and large and variable depth and coaxiality between the nozzle and gate. The hardness of the insert is also beneficial to the mold maker, which also means that the mold plate can choose softer steel

another advantage comes from the special geometry of the nozzle: the conical contact surface can better control the temperature of the nozzle, while the accurately aligned cylindrical nozzle seals to form a seal. When using the traditional conical structure, when the valve is closed, a plastic layer will be formed at the gate. When the mold is opened, the layer will be torn off the part and may lead to the formation of flash. In order to achieve full separation and avoid flash, it is usually necessary to fine tune the process conditions. By eliminating this layer, hpgate reduces the time required to optimize various process parameters. Targeted faster access to molding quality, which is basically equivalent to expanding the process window

better gate quality can be obtained by combining hpgate technology with flexflo up and down sinking w technology of hrsflow company. Here, the position of the nozzle can be accurately controlled, so as to further reduce the influence of process conditions. The gate is a beautiful and high-quality repeatable part

hrsflow is a branch of inglass S.p.A., which specializes in developing and producing innovative hot runner systems for the injection molding industry. The group has more than 1100 employees and its products are sold in all major markets around the world. Hrsflow spent several months manufacturing hot runner systems at its European headquarters in San polo, Italy, at its Asian plant in Hangzhou, China, and at its Grand Rapids plant near Byron center in Michigan, USA

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