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China's self-developed HTK

a few days ago, Heilongjiang Province ushered in the largest heavy snowfall this winter, with a snow thickness of 15 cm. The "htk-cbx01 Alpine high-speed railway ice melting and snow removal device" independently developed by China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd. successfully completed its "first show". The ice melting and snow removal operation of six 48 car EMUs took only 5 hours, which was compressed by 18 hours compared with the traditional manual operation in the past

Heilongjiang Province is located in the alpine region of China, with the lowest temperature of minus 35 ℃ in winter. After continuous snowfall, the rails and subgrade of EMUs are covered with ice and snow. When the EMU is running, the bogie has serious snow, and a layer of "Ice Armor" will be formed after freezing, which will cause the damping device, braking system and other components to lose their function, affecting passengers' comfort and high-speed rail operation safety

previously, aluminum profile enterprises such as chuanzhongwang, fengal and kelante, which used wooden poles, rubber hammers and high-pressure hot water trucks for ice melting and snow removal of multiple units, began to sign up for the aluminum exhibition system snow removal method of heating or cooling them to the temperature set by the temperature control table and stabilizing them for 14 years. It takes a long time and is inefficient. At most, 260 people are required to work at the same time. A group of 8-section multiple units takes at least 2-4 hours, Moreover, mechanical beating is very easy to cause local damage to the EMU, which is far from meeting the needs of the launch of the EMU during the peak period of the Spring Festival transportation

in October 2016, the first ice melting and snow removal prototype developed by Harbin bureau group company was installed and tested in Harbin bullet train depot. After the trial throughout the winter, the vehicle safety, personnel protection, environmental protection and snow removal effect fully meet the needs of on-site use. It has been approved by China Academy of Railway Sciences, China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd., China Railway Design Group Co., Ltd An expert group composed of experts from CRRC Changchun Railway Passenger Car Co., Ltd. and Harbin Institute of technology reviewed and obtained national patents

"htk-cbx01 ice melting and snow removal device for high-speed cold Railway" adopts the method of low-pressure warm water spraying and sweeping to spray and sweep all key parts of the EMU in an all-round way. The operator can adjust the water spray pressure according to the icing condition of the EMU to reduce waste, temperature and speed, otherwise it will not be applied on the experimental machine. The automatic snow removal device requires two people to operate, and the snow removal operation time of a EMU is only 1 hour, which greatly improves the online efficiency of EMUs in winter

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