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HSE calls on spray painters to wear gas masks to prevent asthma

HSE calls on spray painters to wear gas masks to prevent asthma

May 16, 2007

[China paint information] a few days ago, a data statistics showed that the probability of asthma among auto spray painters was 96 times that of workers in other fields, and the cause was entirely due to the process of auto painting, The sprayer inhaled harmful chemical paint spray after the sample was broken. In order to attract worldwide attention, the international health and safety organization (HSE) recently issued a health warning to the world on World Asthma Prevention and control day (May 1)

the international health and Safety Organization recommends that painters "reduce exposure to the working environment by adding protective equipment, thereby reducing the chance of inhaling paint". Automobile painters should reasonably control the working hours in the paint booth. Experts also pointed out that generally, according to the different workload, the time of one spraying should be controlled within 25 ~ 10 minutes, and at the same time, the anti-virus masks worn by painters should be cleaned to avoid the accumulation of toxic chemicals

international health and safety organization disease prevention project negative ldquo; At present, the global gap of high-performance copper alloy functional new materials is more than 4million tons. The person in charge Steve coldrick said: "Our research shows that the spray painting environment suffers from asthma. The stable operation of the billet market in the country is basically severe asthma, which is very serious. Our investigation of spray painters shows that many workers are not used to using gas masks at work, and they can't clean in time, so as to avoid the use of surface materials. You know, these hidden dangers are the biggest cause of jet workers suffering from asthma."

he then said, "we suggest that the number of times to clean the gas mask is very simple - that is, clean it immediately when you see it dirty."

because all automobile manufacturing processes include automobile paint coating, the risk of automobile painters is great. Moreover, many water-based coatings also contain harmful chemicals, which can also be inhaled by painters and lead to diseases. Wearing protective equipment, especially gas masks, is a common means of protection at present. When some paint gases are light in color, many painters will relax their vigilance, take off gas masks, and then get hurt again

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