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Hebei carries out the second round of environmental law enforcement in autumn and winter

Hebei carries out the second round of environmental law enforcement in autumn and winter

November 26, 2018

on November 15, the Department of ecological environment of Hebei Province issued and explained in detail the second round of special action for atmospheric environment law enforcement in autumn and winter 2018-2019 in Hebei Province, and will conduct on-site law enforcement inspections on key gas related industries such as petrochemical, carbon, coking, chemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical, etc. in the province from November 16 to 30

this round of special action will focus on cracking down on environmental violations such as construction before approval, inconsistent construction after approval, unlicensed sewage discharge, evasion of supervision, excessive discharge, illegal discharge, and falsification of monitoring data. We will crack down on environmental violations involving sewage enterprises in accordance with the law and regulations. At the same time, we will strictly implement the requirements of "preventive", "service" and "physical examination" law enforcement, and resolutely put an end to "one size fits all"

it is understood that the inspection contents include law enforcement inspection on the peak staggering production of enterprises in steel, coking, foundry, building materials, carbon, nonferrous metals, chemical industry, pharmaceutical (pesticide) manufacturing and other industries listed in the peak staggering production in autumn and winter 2018-2019; 2. According to the requirements of fixture materials, conduct a comprehensive investigation on the setting and operation of pollution prevention facilities, and in principle, all the violations of gas related environment of large and medium-sized enterprises, especially large-scale production enterprises, found by the provincial law enforcement team shall be filed for investigation and punishment at the provincial level; For industrial enterprises involved in VOCs emission, but still very new pollution prevention and control facilities, operation, and emission up to standard, especially for petrochemical and coking pendulum shaft enterprises listed in the list of VOCs in-depth remediation enterprises in key industries in Hebei Province, simply supported beam support, pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, rubber, plastic, industrial coating, carbon and other industrial enterprises will carry out on-site law enforcement inspection, and at the same time, industrial furnaces The unorganized emission control of industrial enterprises, the licensed emission discharge of gas-related industrial enterprises, the implementation of emergency emission reduction measures of gas-related enterprises, and the installation, connection and operation of monitoring facilities of gas-related enterprises will be mainly inspected

in terms of inspection methods, law enforcement inspection will especially carry out "zero point action of UAV flight inspection" in real time, which will be specially formed into a UAV flight team to clamp the upper jaw and carry out flight monitoring and analysis of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, smoke and dust and other pollutants in key industry enterprises

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