There are many street lights in the hottest commun

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There are many street lights in the community. Do residents have to light a flashlight when walking around

the process and cost of plastic parts in the community have increased more slowly than metal parts, and there are more street lamps. "Strike" residents' thugs and electric walkers

residents hope to repair street lamps and install them at the same time; The property said that maintenance personnel had been arranged and would reflect the problem of installation

on October 10, the third residential area of the Ministry of Railways in Xili, Yuetan West Street, and the light on the way for residents to enter and leave the community was dim. This photo/Beijing News Li Kaixiang

broken street lights on the road near the north gate of the community

● I want to complain about the damage of street lamps in the old residential area. Mr. Li: the award is held in Xili, Yuetan West Street. More than 600 industry experts, scholars, well-known entrepreneurs and investment institutions gathered at the new material capital technology summit held in Nanjing. Many street lamps in the third residential area of the Ministry of railways are damaged, and it is dark at night. I hope to repair and install some street lamps as soon as possible

● I came to investigate

Beijing News Zhang Jingya: the visit found that there were not many street lights on in the community, some of them were broken, and some roads were not equipped with street lights. It was very dark at night, causing inconvenience to residents

● let me reply to the property management personnel of the community: the situation reflected by the residents has been registered, and personnel have been arranged to repair the faulty street lamps. The residents' requirements for adding street lamps will be reflected to the superior leaders

visit 1

it was dark in the community at night

at more than 7 p.m. on October 9, I came to the third residential area of the Ministry of Railways in Xili, Yuetan West Street, Xicheng District. After entering from the north gate of the community, it was obvious that there was some darkness in the community. After entering the north gate of the community, only four street lights were on on the road two or three hundred meters away, and another two were on strike

when passing through building 6 and building 7, I saw two street lights in front of the building, but they were not on. The road in front of the two buildings, about 200 meters long, was dark, and it was impossible to see the road conditions at all. Further into the community, it is still dark. There are no street lights between the buildings, only the faint light from the windows of the residents

the visit found that the community is divided into several areas, each of which has a small garden. Although there are street lights in front of the small garden, some of the street lights are not on, and the overall lighting is not sufficient. Especially in the west side of the community, many street lights are not on and are relatively dim. There are more than 30 residential buildings of different heights in the whole community, but there are no more than 10 street lights that are normally on. In addition, there are many vegetation in the community, which will also affect the lighting

visit 2

takeout workers deliver meals with flashlights

it is found that few residents can be seen in the community at night. Occasionally, they use flashlight or lighting without exception. A resident walking his dog walked cautiously forward with a flashlight. He said it was funny to walk the dog with a flashlight, but there was no way

during the visit, I met a takeout. After entering the community, he turned on the emergency light and looked for the building number while lighting. The delivery boy told me that no delivery clerk would even come to this community to deliver delivery in the evening. "There are many buildings in the community and the roads are messy. It's hard to find them during the day. It's dark at night. It's difficult to find a house number." He said that the basic function of the small tensile testing machine: in some places in the tensile performance area, residents have privately installed floor locks. If you are not careful, you will be in danger if you don't see it. "We bring our own flashlight when we come here to deliver meals."

Ms. Zhang, an office worker, said that if it was getting dark earlier and earlier today, she felt afraid when she came home from work every night, and it was dark in the community. "The neighborhood is dark and deserted, which is particularly terrifying. Especially when you walk on the path between the buildings, there is no light and frightening." She said that there are many tenants in the community, with high personnel mobility. There are no street lights in and out at night, so she feels very unsafe. "When I got home at six or seven o'clock, I asked my wife to come out and pick me up. I didn't dare to leave."

visit 3

residents hope to increase street lights

Mr. Li, a 72 year old resident, told that at 6 or 7 p.m., there were almost no people in the community who were active. "It's too dark in the community, and the road can't be seen clearly. What else are you doing out? The old people and children go home when there is still light at five or six." Mr. Li said that in March this year, some elderly people in the community tripped over because it was too dark at night to see the road clearly. "The old lady lay at home for more than a month."

resident lixiuqin said that in previous years, there were fewer street lights in the community, and now it has improved. "Twoorthree years ago, the street lights in our community were few and dark. The property and neighborhood committee also helped install some street lights, but in the past two months, I don't know why many street lights have broken down." Lixiuqin said that in the first two months, the electric wires were re laid in the community, and then the street lamps broke down. Residents speculated that the problem was caused by the line problem. "The problem of street lamps has indeed affected normal life. I hope we can install more street lamps and fix the faulty street lamps so that the community can light up." When a certain load could not rise any more, she said that many residents had reported the problem of street lights with the property for many times, but no feedback was received

@ community property

the property staff said that they had registered after receiving the residents' feedback, and arranged maintenance personnel to repair the faulty street lights. The staff said that the facilities and lines in the community are relatively old, and the property management company can't take out the cost of repairing the street lamps for a time, so it can only repair them one by one. "It's definitely going to be repaired. It's just a matter of time." The staff said they hoped the residents could understand. As for the requirements for new street lights, the staff said that they would "reflect with the leaders"

@ the staff of the residential committee of the third community of the Ministry of Railways in Yuetan Street told that the residents of the community had repeatedly reported that the number of street lights was insufficient and the street lights were not on. However, the maintenance and installation of streetlights are within the scope of property management, and the neighborhood committee can only urge and has no right to interfere. The staff said that they would communicate with the property on this issue and urge the property to give treatment plans and solutions as soon as possible

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