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Hebei closes two heavily polluted paper mills

according to the Hubei Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Hubei Province has officially ordered the closure of two "unrepentant" paper mills if they want to make non-standard samples

these two paper mills are Maping paper mill in Guangshui, Suizhou and Madian paper mill in Jingshan County, Jingmen. For a long time, the sewage produced by their papermaking has seriously threatened the drinking water safety of hundreds of thousands of residents downstream. Although these two enterprises have been punished by the environmental protection department for many times, they have not stopped production

not long ago, Hubei environmental protection bureau held relevant review meetings attended by many units and dozens of experts and representatives. Experts agreed that the two enterprises should not continue to produce, and the air-cooled and cold water-cooled service conditions should be shut down immediately because the equipment is easy to install. On July 17, the Hubei environmental protection bureau, in accordance with the opinions and instructions of the provincial government, officially requested the people's governments of Jingmen and Suizhou to close the two papermaking plants, which are fairly recycled and have little negative impact on human health. So far, these two large sewage discharge households, which have been threatening the drinking water safety of downstream residents for many years, have finally been banned

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