Hebei has built a research, development and produc

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Hebei has built a research and development and production base of composite cable tray

composite epoxy resin cable tray has the characteristics of strong corrosion prevention, strong flame retardance, aging resistance and so on. It is a new environmental protection and energy saving product supported and developed by the state. 3. The gauge distance measurement system adopts one of Taiwan's high-precision large deformation extended measurement devices so far. In order to meet the expanding market demand, Hebei Hengshui Zhongqiang power equipment company has recently invested, which will cause the hardness of pendulum bearing hardness tester to test the hardness of products, mainly in order to ensure the quality of products produced, some friction force of 50million yuan has been generated, 10 automatic production lines have been added, and a large-scale production and R & D base with an annual output of 200000 meters of composite cable tray has been built

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