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Characteristics of high temperature resistant bakery preservative

cakes are easily moldy and deteriorated due to rich nutrition and high moisture content. Bakery preservative is a new product developed by our institute, which is widely used in the mold prevention and preservation of baked foods such as moon cakes, bread, cakes, fillings, etc., and has the characteristics of convenient use, low addition, high safety, remarkable effect, etc

product features

bakery preservative is a high-efficiency mold proof preservative specially developed for bakery (mid autumn moon cake, bread, cake, etc.) and cake filling (lotus seed, bean paste). Its biggest feature is that its effective ingredients are resistant to high temperature. After this product is used in cakes and fillings and baked at high temperature (or fried, "dykes also stressed that Bayer has ranked second in the world in the above fields, ensuring that the experimental machine can realize the closed-loop control of parameters such as experimental force, sample deformation and beam displacement), the residual rate of effective ingredients is still more than 90%, thus ensuring the mildew proof effect. However, traditional fungicides such as potassium sorbate and dehydroacetic acid are easy to decompose, sublimate or volatilize with steam under high temperature conditions. There are less effective ingredients actually left in cakes and fillings, and the effect of mold prevention is not obvious. This product not only has antibacterial and fresh-keeping effects, but also has the effects of preventing starch aging and oil oxidation. Product properties

white or yellowish powder, all ingredients comply with national regulations. Scope of use

mid autumn moon cake (cake crust, stuffing), bread, cake, wife cake, chicken cake, egg yolk pie, cake stuffing, etc. Usage and dosage

◆ when producing moon cakes, mix the product with flour evenly and then make them according to the original process. The dosage is 0.1% - 0.11% of the total weight of the cake crust. Turn on the power switch by 5%

◆ when producing lotus paste, bean paste and other fillings, stir and disperse the product with vegetable oil, and then add it half an hour before starting the pot and stir it evenly. The addition amount is 0.1% - 0.15% of the total weight

◆ when producing cakes, bread and other pastries, mix the product with water, sugar, oil, eggs, etc., and then add flour. The addition amount is 50.1% - 0.15% of the total weight of the string. Storage period

it can be stored for two years at room temperature, and dampness and caking will not affect the use effect. Package specification

1kg/bag, 15kg/box

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