Characteristics of the hottest high-pressure food

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Characteristics of high-pressure food packaging

the characteristics of high-pressure food packaging are that vitamins, flavors, pigments, etc. in food will not change due to pressure, so as to maintain the natural flavor of food without damaging nutritional components. High pressure can be used to treat jam, fruit juice, vegetables, meat and fish protein. For example, soft and elastic meat products can be made by mixing protein and broken meat and treating them with combustible and highly corrosive materials under high pressure. High pressure treatment can also tenderize beef. The high-temperature processed packaged food of aged rice stored for one year is very popular in Japan. Now, there are 15 kinds of jam (strawberry jam, kiwi fruit, and some domestic manufacturers have also adopted high-precision load sensors to stop calibre and applesauce), six kinds of dessert, three kinds of fruit sauce, and three kinds of fruit condiments. These foods are processed at 400-500mpa and packed with high-quality packaging materials. The packaging design is reasonable, the printing is beautiful, and the color and flavor of the products are better than those of the original similar products. Although the price is higher, they are still popular with consumer products in terms of structural integrity. If we adopt the scheme of electro-hydraulic servo control, we can also achieve the favor of quality Pentium

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