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Characteristics of laser inkjet printer and laser marking machine

first, laser marking is generally realized in three ways:

remove surface material marking

remove surface coating or coating

color change marking

the first two of these three ways can leave a certain depth (≤ 0.3mm, depending on the material) dent on the product surface, and the third way is because the material itself will change color after chemical reaction when it meets heat. Therefore, the laser logo has a permanent and strong anti-counterfeiting effect

II. At present, the common laser marking machines in the domestic market are roughly divided into the following two types:

a. laser inkjet machine

is a marking equipment supporting various product packaging production lines. The marked products move without pause on the production line, laser continuous inkjet (marking), long-term operation and maintenance free, which is a new generation of environmental protection products

this equipment can mark all kinds of moving products or materials such as paper, plastic, glass, leather, wood or metal materials only by using different lasers (imported CO2 laser or YAG continuous laser with original packaging and long service life), instead of the function of marking date, batch number, time and text in dot matrix on all kinds of products by ink spraying due to its cheap cost, without ink, pollution Save operating costs

b. high speed scanning galvanometer laser marking machine

is the first exciting design and testing optical marking system introduced by Miao Bole at home and abroad. This system has the characteristics of fast scanning speed, high repetition accuracy, good durability and so on. Unlike the moving workpiece of laser inkjet printer, laser marking machine is mostly used for marking static materials such as paper, plastic, glass, leather, wood or metal materials, Mark the date, batch number, time, text and various trademark drawings in the form of vector diagram. Introduce the cleaning method of plastic extruder, etc

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